Recent research has revealed that more and more Brits are planning to spend Christmas day away from their homes. Blue Chip Holidays has seen a 26% increase in Christmas and New Year bookings this year when compared to last year, and further investigation revealed that more people want to spend Christmas day doing something different.

The Blue Chip Holidays team polled 1,158 adults in the UK, asking, “Where would you spend Christmas day if you could spend it anywhere?”

The top answers included: At home with their families, renting a large house for a big family get-together, going somewhere hot, escaping with a loved one to a cottage, or spending it at a hotel where everything would be taken care of.


When asked what they would rather do for Christmas day, respondents had the choice of three options. 58% of people said they would like to do the traditional Christmas celebrations, while 36% said they would prefer to be doing outdoor activities and 6% said they would like to volunteer.

Because outdoor activities were so popular, these respondents were asked which outdoor activities they would like to do, with the top five most popular answers including cycling, swimming, surfing, rambling and skiing.

Tori Kirwan-Taylor is the Brand and Communication Manager for Blue Chip Holidays, and she said that the figures show more people are wanting to get away and spend Christmas day away from their homes, whether it’s to do something different or simply to have a huge get-together somewhere other than their own home.

This is largely due to Christmas being such a stressful time, especially for parents who are often under a huge amount of pressure to have the “perfect” Christmas for their kids, friends and family. Many people no longer want to have an over commercialised Christmas and would rather do something a bit different for Christmas day.


For those who hate the stress of Christmas day, getting away from it all can be an excellent solution. And while Christmas abroad can be tricky if you’re planning for extended family to be there, there’s also nothing wrong with letting the family know you’ll be having a small Christmas this year and taking off to spend it on the beach somewhere warm.

Often we build Christmas up to be the most important day of the year, when the reality is that for many people around the world it’s just another day. If you don’t want to be refereeing between your sister in law and your mother, or don’t want to have to take the time to work out seating plans since certain people don’t get along with other family members, getting away from it all can ensure that you’ll actually be able to relax and enjoy the holidays.

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