How often have you opened a magazine to see celebrities on holiday, looking tanned and relaxed on private beaches or laid-back and casual as they browse a local market and you just know they’re going back to their incredible homes?

But believe it or not, you can actually holiday like a celeb yourself, and it’s both easier and cheaper than you would expect.


We all know that Elizabeth Taylor’s home would be classic, luxurious and interesting, but did you know that you can actually stay at the Casa Elizabeth Luxury Estate? You’ll find photographs of the star, priceless possessions and oil paintings throughout the home, and you can stay with up to 7 other friends and make the most of the spa, fireplace and pool for only £372 per person per week.

If you like the sound of an infinity pool, a private pond for paddle boarding and sun terraces to work on your tan, the Merv Griffin Estate has 13 different bedrooms to choose from, and up to 20 people can stay in this incredible home.

For those who simply love celebrities, did you know that you can stay somewhere where Barbara Streisand, David Bowie, Rita Hayworth and Frank Sinatra have all lived? And while you’re feeling like a celebrity yourself you can sit in the jacuzzi or lagoon pool which overlooks some of the best views of Hollywood.


I don’t know about you, but the thought of staying on a private island in the Caribbean gives me butterflies. We all know that Richard Branson is no stranger to luxury, but he also has a huge home in the British Virgin Islands that can sleep up to 30 people for £9,928 each week. And if you don’t really feel like flying too far but still want to spend some time in the sun, Christy Brinkley rents out her Lucky House which has an infinity pool that you have to see to believe, a fire pit, and a luxurious decking area.

Planning a trip to Florence? Sting and Trudie Style own an incredible 16th century villa with a tennis court, lake, huge swimming pool, and room for up to 50 guests. If you’re thinking about getting married or throwing a corporate event, this place is an absolute bargain at only £183 for a week in a gorgeous villa in the countryside.

Remember if you’re planning to go on holiday or rent out your own home you still need to take insurance, you can use Schofields and make sure that you’re packing your best clothes if you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.

When asked about the incredible homes available, Phil Schofield said “It’s actually possible to live a celebrity lifestyle- even if it’s just for a week.” He also pointed out that it’s not as unattainable as you would imagine, and considering prices are from just £144 per person per week, we have to agree!