Millions of tourists pass through Malaga every year. But with its luxury beaches in Costa del Sol, abundance of five-star resorts, and plentiful restaurants serving top-tier cuisine, it doesn’t always seem like the ideal destination for a frugal traveler.

Well, envy those Malaga beach dwellers no more; you can become one too, even if you’re traveling alone. Thankfully, there are just as many lavish options for Malaga visitors as there are wallet-friendly adventures. Take a look at some of the ways that you can save money during your next visit while seeing all that the area has to offer.


Budget-Friendly Transportation recommends taking advantage of transportation offered by the airport and then renting a car, especially when visiting places like Malaga that have widely sprawled attractions. While taxis are plentiful, the flat/daily rates for rental cars, especially the economy-sized options (perfect for one person and their belongings), are usually a much less expensive option than paying taxi fares to get around.

Typically, renting a bike or using public transportation is typically a more affordable option. However, not only is a bike rental place hard to come by, but you’re sure to exhaust yourself biking to the all of the widely set attractions. And public transportation, although easy on your wallet, won’t provide you the opportunity to comfortably explore the area on your own terms.

Take in the Free Scenery created a list of ten different activities that visitors can do in Malaga, completely free of charge.

Among taking advantage of the sparkling beaches and pristine parks, travellers can enjoy some of the striking historical sites that available to them, including the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro castles. Admittance to both is free on Sunday afternoons, but it’s the castles’ exteriors that really draw the crowds. The meticulously landscaped gardens are a must-see for any visitor and apparently the view from the top of them is nothing short of “the best Malaga has to offer.”


Visit the Museums

This isn’t grade school. You don’t need a buddy to explore the different avenues of these museums.

First, stop by Malaga’s Centre for Contemporary Art (also known as the CAC). calls it the “emblem” of the city’s commitment to contemporary art. They have several collections of 20th and 21st century art and admission is free.

Next, spend your time at the Picasso museum. As the birthplace of the famous artist, the artifacts and pieces detailing his life at this particular site are even more sentimental as an evident part of the city’s culture. And, of course, admission is free.

A six-figure salary isn’t a requirement to bask in the beauty of this picturesque city. Hell, you don’t even need a travel companion. Come to the south of Spain, and you can experience some of the best Malaga attractions for yourself, all while keeping your wallet happy!