A law firm called Simpson Millar, recently said that Greece, Turkey and Spain are the riskiest holiday destinations for Brits who are traveling abroad, particularly when it comes to injury and getting ill.

Simpson Millar’s head of travel Nick Harris agrees says that this is often due to incidents around the swimming pool and the high percentage of Brits who choose all-inclusive holidays.

Mr. Harris mentioned that one hotel had 260 people fall ill at the same time last year, and each year his law firm is claiming millions of pounds from holiday operators.


I have my doubts about this research, particularly when you consider that Spain is the most visited destination for Brits. It makes sense that these popular holiday spots would see more incidences of people getting sick and injured, simply because of the sheer numbers of Brits visiting.

Mr. Harris says that there is “literally danger at every turn”. Literally? I think this is a huge exaggeration and sure to make Brits planning to travel to these countries more worried about their safety than they necessarily need to be. I agree that we should always be somewhat cautious when traveling, particularly when it comes to eating food abroad, however the benefits of traveling abroad, experiencing new cultures and countries, speaking to new people, and seeing the ruins of some of the greatest civilisations in history far outweigh the negatives.

Let’s not forget that for some reason, people traveling abroad often tend to behave far worse than they would at home. Many of the injuries are caused by people drinking too much or behaving in an obnoxious and annoying way which can quickly turn dangerous.

While the Foreign Office reports that over the last five years, more than 17,000 traveling Brits have ended up in Accident and Emergency, this is an average of 3400 per year. Many brits like to travel, so when we consider that the population of Britain is 64 million, it’s easier to put this number in perspective, especially when you consider that many of these incidents were due to stomach bugs and food poisoning.


Don’t get me wrong- these can be serious, and if untreated can do severe damage to your stomach lining, liver, and kidneys, but it’s also possible to get food poisoning at home from bad take-out, so as long as you’re vigilant about checking the temperature of food and asking how long it has been sitting out, you’re unlikely to have a problem.

If you’re concerned about traveling abroad, or simply want to learn more about the risks and ways you can keep safe, check out this handy infographic. It includes symptoms of some of the most common travel bugs, along with information to keep you healthy. One thing you can do to be proactive before traveling, is check with your doctor if you need any vaccinations or anti-malaria pills, or if they recommend that you take any particular medication with you.