All of us love to travel to new countries and continents to explore different and new cultures, places, historical and religious sites that will unveil deep secrets about human existence on this planet. While travelling to a new destination might entail a lot of exciting experiences, trips, sightseeing and relaxation, there are some safety issues that each and every traveller should keep in mind while in a foreign country.


First of all, while there are some guiding websites that will tell you where it is safe to travel, these sometimes are overly protective of the citizens, while other countries may have low crime rates, yet one should not forget all personal safety rules while there. One thing to remember at all times is that while things are just that, and can be bought, the most important things that you should really take care of are your documents and money, including credit cards and cash. Other valuables can be left at home or stored in the safety deposit box in your hotel room, or otherwise at the reception of the place where you will be staying. Carrying a laptop, iPads, iPhones and iPods around on a day out to museums might not be smartest idea, as these are heavy and will not all be used. A great way to capture the moments is to invest in a high quality camera, that you will be carrying around with you, and it’s easier to keep an eye on.

Another issue to consider are the handbags or backpacks that you will be carrying with you. While aesthetic beauty might be your prerequisite condition, there are safety issues that need to be addressed. Having a designer handbag that costs thousands of $ on a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus will not only attract attention to you, but will also alarm the burglars and petty pickpocketers that you might have something valuable inside as well, such as an expensive wallet, cash and credit cards. While it is absolutely fine to take your Dior and Birkin on a night out, daytime activities require something less extravagant, like a simple tote or a backpack that you can keep an eye on.


Remember that whatever you do, always keep an eye on your belongings – whether it is walking on the street, or sitting at a café, never leave your things unattended, even if just for a minute. Keep in mind that there are various ways in which you can become a victim of a theft – whether it is someone on a motorbike who can snatch your camera from out of your hands, or someone walking by your table at an outdoors café who can grab your bag and make a run for it – there are so many situations that you can’t possibly be prepared for. It is therefore essential to not provoke interest and really keep your belongings close. Holding on tightly to your bag at all times is not the answer, but if you are walking down an empty street and hear a motorbike approaching, make sure you have your bag on the side opposite the road.

While tourists are usually seen as vulnerable victims, if you take simple precautionary actions that will enhance your safety while away from home, you can save yourself the drama and disappointment, as well as hours of wasted time at the embassy if your documents are stolen. Keep calm, keep your belongings in sight and safe travels!