Whether you are on a business trip or a vacation, the inspiring capital of Scotland will have you engulfed with its great sights, rich culture and cosmopolitan vibes. Robert Louis Stevenson once described Edinburgh as ‘Edinburgh is what Paris ought to be’.

But the one thing that could ruin all the excitement of a perfectly planned trip you had in mind (with a long list of tourist destinations to visit in 2 days with something planned for every minute), is a no-show of the taxi you booked. Imagine yourself wasting time at the airport trying to get in touch with the private hire service you pre-booked only to find out it never showed up. The driver tells you he will take an additional 30 minutes to get to the airport to pick you up but even after 45 minutes, there is no taxi waiting outside the airport for you. What can you do? You know you are wasting valuable time sitting for the taxi to arrive. Finally you decide to take the matter in your own hands and brace yourself for the bargaining torture with the standard black cabs parked outside.


After a 5-minute bargaining session, you finally find a suitable ride only to get stuck in traffic because it is August and half the world has decided to descend to enjoy the festival.

Now let’s rewind it all and change only one thing about the trip you had in mind. And that is you booked a taxi in Edinburgh with minicabit.com. You get off your flight and are greeted by the driver who has been waiting for you for the last 15 minutes. You get into the car and everything is exactly what you asked for. There is air conditioning, there’re comfortable seats, and there is even a local newspaper to update you on what’s hot and happening in Edinburgh. Along the ride you see how the driver keeps telling you which routes to take to avoid traffic and you reach your destination before time.

Sounds like the perfect start you needed to kick start your dream vacation, doesn’t it? Well, this is exactly what you will get when booking with minicabit and that too in 30% less prices as compared to traditional black metered cabs.


Other benefits that can be availed when booking with Minicabit include:

✓ Licensed private hire operators who make you have a great trip as soon as you get onboard.
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✓ Customize your quotes after selecting how much baggage you are carrying, what car do you prefer, the number of add-on passengers, any drip off you wish to make etc.
✓ No hidden, additional or surprise charges, you only pay for what was pre-decided.
✓ Longer distance travelling becomes less costly and more comfortable.
✓ Easiest ways to go online and get registered or use their mobile-friendly app to book a cab in advance.

So get online and book your next journey with Minicabit, you can take our word for it!