As we get back to normal life and find ourselves traveling more frequently, you might be wondering how best to keep yourself entertained on a long flight. Thankfully most long haul flights have inbuilt entertainment systems, but if you fly often you’ll easily bore of those options, making it challenging to keep yourself entertained. Here are my top 4 ways to keep yourself entertained on a long flight.

1. Play Some Games
Playing games is one of the easiest ways to pass the time on a long flight, as you’ll get engrossed with the game itself and forget how long you’ve been on the plane. Well, that’s the goal anyway. The type of game you play will depend on your interests, I personally really enjoy playing on a real money online casino, so that not only am I playing a game, but I have the opportunity to win considerable money, too. If you’re new to the gaming world, why not ask your friends what games they love for some inspiration. Thankfully nowadays you can easily download games to your phone, meaning you’ll have it with you no matter where you go.

2. Learn a New Language
This one is especially fun if you’re traveling to an exotic destination where they speak a new language. While it would be impossible to learn an entire language on a flight, you can easily learn some new phrases or some things that will help you on the ground. If you have specific diet requirements, then the flight can be the perfect time to master saying what things you need to avoid, such as whether you eat a vegan diet or have a food allergy. You’ll be surprised by how far a few words can go in helping you get around and interact with the locals.

3. Fill in Some Postcards
There’s something so special about receiving normal mail, especially things such as postcards. Why not brighten someone’s day by setting aside some time on the plane to fill in some postcards that you can then mail off at your next destination. This is especially useful for older family members who might not be on social media platforms, and it can be a fun way for them to keep up with your travels.

4. Strike Up a Conversation
If you find yourself sitting next to a stranger on the flight, why not take some time to get to know them. I’ve sat next to some really interesting people during my travels and enjoyed such wonderful conversations. It can be a little nerve wrecking getting the conversation started, but the good thing is you know there’s no where else they need to be which can take the pressure off. Who knows, you might even make a new friend!

I love traveling and really enjoy checking out the best au online casino while I’m waiting for the flight to take off. Hopefully these tips help you find ways to keep yourself busy on your next flight.