Let’s face it, travel can be expensive. Factor in flights, travel insurance, accommodation, food and entertainment and the price can be really high. I love traveling and want to do as much as possible, but like most people budget often gets in the way. Over the past few years I have developed a few tips and tricks for minimising my travel costs, and here they are:


1) Use Travel Rewards
I’ve actually earned enough points for FREE flights in the past few years. Yes, that’s right, free flights. I just spend as I usually do and collect the points along the way. When I have enough points, I redeem them for whatever flight I am planning to take next. At the moment I’m actually trying to build up some points so that I can use them for a special holiday next year to a friend’s wedding. Travel rewards, such as Avios, are an excellent way to get free flights, car rental, tickets to shows or hotels.

2) Find Discount Codes
If you’re booking anything online, search around on Google for a discount code. I have about a 50% success rate with this, in that half the time I will only find old, expired coupons that don’t work. It’s worth trying out though, I’ve managed to save a few hundred dollars on travel insurance by simply Googling to see if there were any coupons.


3) Enter Competitions
What’s better than cheap travel? Completely free travel. When I was a teenager my best friend won free flights on the radio to Los Angeles. I was too young to attend the concert so didn’t get to go, but was always so jealous. I rarely bother to enter competitions because I don’t think I will win (and then I don’t win!) but I think it’s worth it. At the moment Avios have a competition to win some great prizes, so check it out.

4) Hunt Around
This applies for everything, but especially flights and hotel deals. Often you can save a small fortune by booking on a different site. I usually check Skyscanner, Kayak and Expedia for flights as well as a host of websites for hotels, such as WotIf.com, Hotels.com, Hostelbookers.com and so on. Whatever your preference, make sure you add in a few options to see what is the best price. For flights, often booking directly with the airline is NOT the cheapest way – weird huh!

Travel can be a lot cheaper if you invest a little time and give these tips a go. Do you have any tips for finding cheaper travel?