Apart from the obvious advice to book in advance, fly into the less busy airports and opt for the most unsociable times to travel, there are many ways you can instantly cut the costs of your business travel expenses. As one of the biggest financial constraints on a business, finding out new ways to reduce yours can be invaluable to your business.

Here are some top tips for reducing yours, so you can make savings:

Travel Out of Season when Possible
One of the best ways to get cheap air travel tickets is to travel to locations when they’re out of season and the flights are much cheaper. This is especially important for business meetings that are planned in school holidays when flights are notoriously more expensive wherever you head, if you’re in charge of organising meetings, then be sure to check the school holiday calendar before booking anything in.


Do Your Research
When sending parcels or packages to international business locations it’s important to do some research beforehand to find the best priced couriers. Use a service like the one available at My Parcel Delivery where you can search around to find the best prices for international deliveries. Once you’ve sourced the best price, you’ll see a huge difference, especially if your business sends a lot of international deliveries.

Introduce a Clear Policy
One of the biggest costs of business travel is the expenses that employees are allowed to claim back. It’s important to strike a balance between being a responsible employer that has a generous benefits package in order to keep employees happy, whilst being careful with your money and not overspending in areas where it’s not necessary. A good way to strike a balance is to review the items employees are currently claiming back and see where you can cut costs, for example you could say only soft drinks are allowed to be claimed instantly reducing your costs on expensive glasses of wine and beers.

Actively managing your business travel expenses is a great way to keep on track with your finances and helps to ensure that you’re not overspending in unnecessary areas. If you’re a business which does a lot of business travelling, you’ll probably see a huge difference to your accounts straight away, if not there will definitely be noticeable improvements when measured over a longer period of time.