Lapland – it sounds like something almost out of a fairytale, and this is certainly a magical destination. It is the perfect winter escape, especially if you want to head somewhere that’s really special. From the Northern Lights to Santa Claus village, Lapland has it all for a winter lover. Of course the best time of year to visit Lapland is during the Christmas season, but no matter the time of year you visit, you’ll find holidays in Lapland to be an exciting family destination.


1) The Northern Lights

This is a personal dream of mine; to see the Northern Lights in all their glory. You’ve probably seen the images; the bright green, pink and sometimes even purple lights illuminate the sky like nothing else in the world. These lights actually occur in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere, although the Northern Lights tend to be brighter than their southern counterparts. Lapland is one of the best destinations in the world for viewing this natural wonder, the perfect reason to visit.

2) Santa Claus Village

If you have children (and celebrate Christmas) then this is a must-visit place for you. Those who don’t have children and are not particularly festive might find the Santa Claus Village a bit commercial. But for those of us who still love the magic of Christmas, it will be a special place to visit. You’ll see Santa Claus’ Post Office and Office, as well as Santa himself. Another attraction that is here is the white painted line that marks the arctic circle.


3) Lainio Snow Village

This village is named a ‘snow village’ for good reason as it is literally built from snow and ice, making a very memorable experience. In this small village you’ll find an ice hotel, a stylish ice bar and restaurant, as well as snow and ice sculptures that are lit up beautifully. It is a very unusual place, but artfully constructed and lit. For the children (and perhaps the young at heart) there are even ice slides, which are a lot of fun – an essential place to visit for holidays in Lapland.

4) Husky, Reindeer and Snowmobile Safaris

This is a very unique way to explore the stunning scenery while indulging in some traditional culture. Husky, reindeer and snowmobile safaris are available throughout the popular areas of Lapland and you can generally choose between a short exploration and a longer, full day excursion. There’s nothing quite like being towed through the beautiful white wonderland of Lapland by a pack of Huskies.


5) Yllas Ski Resort

Want fresh powdery snow, with clean lines and big runs? Well then Lapland might be your perfect ski holiday destination. Yllas is spread across two villages, Akaslompolo and Yllasjarvi, and is home to the longest ski runs in all of Finland. At the ski fields you’ll also find restaurants, bars, and accommodation – it’s a pretty lively place.

Lapland is a stellar destination that has so much to offer the snow lovers, from family attractions to unique ice bars, you’ll find something for everyone here.