Walking holidays are – in my opinion – one of the best family holidays you can go on. They’re perfect for all ages and all abilities, so long as you can walk for a few hours, you can go on a walking holiday. They’re much more affordable than most sport based holidays, while still providing tons of fun and a great platform to create family memories, they can be super relaxing so you can de-stress and feel refreshed, all while ensuring you go home with a ton of excellent family photos that are different from the normal holiday snaps. If you’re considering taking your family on a Mickledore walking holiday then read on to get some inspiration for your next walking holiday trip.


All Ages and All Abilities:

I think one the hardest types of holidays to plan is actually a family vacation because you’re going to have to cater to a wide range of interests, age ranges and you will ideally want to create an environment that fosters a ton of special memories and ensures everyone has a good time. This can be particularly challenging if your family has a few different generations planning on going away on the same holiday. I think walking holidays are one of the best types of family holidays because they are able to cater to almost all types of physical abilities, unlike other types of sporting holidays that can require a special type of fitness ability or skill level unlike walking that almost all of us can do. There’s so much more flexibility with a walking holiday itinerary which makes it a perfect option for families.

If you’re a family with younger family members, like those who are under 5 years old, you may be able to consider a walking holiday with a pram or baby carrier. Look into the specific options in the areas you’re considering taking the holiday to see what options are available to you. If you’re quite a fit family then you can elect to do a more challenging walking tour, but if you are a little more average when it comes to fitness, then there will be numerous options for you too!


Because there are not really any expensive pieces of equipment needed or special tools required, walking holidays work out to be generally quite cost-efficient, especially considering you get to view some incredibly stunning scenery. For many years I was really enjoying skiing every winter, but when you add in the cost of the ski field season passes, the cost of gear, ski boots, skis, poles, driving to and from the mountain, well it becomes an extremely expensive hobby that you can only do for a small part of the year in very specific parts of the world! On the flip side walking holidays are something you can do almost anywhere, although there are places that will offer much better scenery and considerably more pleasant times of the year for going on walking holidays. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and somewhere to walk! When you become a bigger family, as well, the cost of going on a walking holiday when compared to other high-cost sports holidays such as skiing.



Because walking holidays include everything from the map right through to the lodging and logistics, you just essentially have to turn up with your gear, camera and you will be ready to go. No need to spend weeks planning every little detail. You won’t have to wreck your back carrying your luggage from place to place, instead, your things will be driven from accommodation to accommodation while you comfortably make your way between destinations, leisurely enjoying the stunning nature and wildlife along the way. It’s the perfect way to disconnect from the stress of daily life and to ensure that you reconnect with your loved ones in a way that’s simply not possible when you’re at home with all of life’s normal distractions.

Something Different:

You’ve probably had a beach holiday, and while they’re fun and a great way to create memories, why not try something different? I personally feel that creating a new environment is one of the best ways to create new memories. A walking holiday means you will spend hours and hours a day surrounded by nature, the sound of birdsong, plenty of time to chat, take photos, laugh together, and plenty of time to find yourselves becoming comfortable with silences. Doing something different with your family will create and opportunity to have a different kind of family holiday and a chance to create different kinds of memories with your loved ones. That’s one of the greatest gifts you can really give them.


Tons of Cool Family Pictures:

Because you will literally be walking, you will be moving at a slower pace. This makes it much easier to slow down and enjoy the beautiful scenery. One benefit of this is that you will notice the natural beauty around you so much more. You won’t miss the beautiful trees, or rivers because you are rushing past in your car. There will be tons of opportunities to take family photos together, whether as a selfie on a selfie stick, from flying a drone, on a GoPro or even just on a smartphone using a timer. Be sure to bring plenty of spare batteries and battery charging packs because your batteries will go flatter faster especially if it’s sunny and warm. You will want to take a ton of photos and even videos to remember this special time, but I suggest taking the photos in the best quality you possibly can, even if that means you have to borrow a camera off a friend or family member, so you can get things printed for around your home. I personally love getting at least one canvas printed off from each family trip we do to hang around my house – it’s such a special way to remember a special trip.

No matter your reasons for choosing a walking holiday, I have no doubts that it will become one of your most treasured family holidays. One of my favorite things about a walking holiday is that you can include family members of varying fitness levels and ensure that they’re comfortable and enjoying themselves too.