If you are an adventure enthusiast, Moab is the vacation destination for you. You can explore the gorgeous eastern landscape of the State using Moab as your starting point. Along the way, take the time to view the Canyonlands National Parks and Arches as well as the Dead Horse Point State Park. The Colorado River is a must see for all water sports enthusiasts.

You can travel from downtown Moab to the National Arches State Park in a day’s drive, and once you are there, be prepared to be blown away by the breath-taking arches and beautiful desert plants.

This is a wonderful area to explore on your own, but you can also book one of the tours and explore the area with a local expert guide. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to bike, walk, ride horseback, paddleboard, or bird watch. At night, take advantage of the clear view, sit back and simply stargaze for a while.

Are you a history buff? While on vacation, learn about the culture and history of the area while visiting the Museum of Moab. Do not forget to stop by the Moab Giants State Park and get a close view of the life-size replicas. Looking for even more adventure? Check out these popular tourist destinations in Moab.


Corona Arch Trail

This is a hiking trail that surrounds the well-known Corona Arch. The arch is made of natural sandstone and it is located in a canyon that sits on the side of the Colorado River.

Although the actual hiking trail is less than two miles, it can take over two hours to complete. As you walk the trail, you will eventually be led to other attractions including the Bow Tie Arch, the Corona Arch, and beautiful sights of the Colorado River.

This trail is suitable for tourists of all ages and the best times to hike are either very early in the morning or later in the afternoon. These are the recommended times of day because there are no shaded areas along the trail.

Solfun Mountain Biking

Some of the best Utah mountain biking is located at Solfun. Solfun Mountain Biking was founded by the owners over three decades ago so they could share the natural beauty of canyon country with visitors who enjoy mountain biking. Solfun now offers hiking trips in conjunction with mountain biking excursions.

The hiking and biking groups are kept to a minimum number of participants so safety and enjoyment remain top priorities. This means that bikers and hikers of all experience levels can all take part in these professionally led group tours. High-end mountain bikes can be rented for use during the tours.

Hauer Ranch

Mountain bikers and hikers are not the only ones who can experience the beauty of the Moab desert. Hauer Ranch offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy a range of horseback tours and trails.

Take the time to soak up the splendor and sun of the Professor Valley desert. Slowly wander along the bank of the Colorado River, or visit some of the sites that were infamous western movies like Rio Conchos.

Moab, Utah is a hidden jewel in the heart of the Moab desert. Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a range of adventure should definitely consider Moab a top vacation destination spot.