One of the most famous cities, former parts of the Mayan civilisation in the Yucatan peninsula, is Tulum. It is located in one of the most luscious and naturally fascinating areas of Mexico, on the Caribbean coast. Though it is less popular as a destination than Cancun, there are many things to do and see, including the ruins of the Mayan city, relaxing on the serene beach, enjoying thrilling kite surfing or paddleboating, diving into the mysterious cenote and even getting married in a magical dreamy setting on the beach.


The beautiful wide sandy beach is one of the main attractions in Tulum that draws thousands of visitors here every day. Even the locals consider this beach to be one of the best ones in Mexico and relaxing under the sun here can be such an enjoyable experience that can rejuvenate and invigorate you, especially after a day spent exploring the ancient Mayan ruins. Just imagine a perfect day – spending a day at one of the beach clubs, sipping on a margarita, taking a long walk to marvel at the sunset and going skinny-dipping at night!

One of the fun parts about Tulum is that the sea is perfect for water sports especially kite surfing and paddleboating, which has quickly become a trendy activity. There is even a kite surfing school that can provide you not only with lessons but also with all the necessary equipment. Some parts of the beach where the sea is rough are perfect for water sports and are a jewel for surfers.


Tulum is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the Caribbean, with its picturesque white beaches, exotic palm trees and the deep turquoise of the waters, this place is perfect for a dreamy, magical wedding ceremony. Getting married here is something out of a dream – a beautiful bride and groom standing at a gazebo with crisp white embroidery, their closest relatives who will witness this symbolic union of two souls, a beautiful bridal bouquet and memories that will last a lifetime!

The most famous monument in Tulum is the El Castillo, locals believe that it was a beacon for the sailors, and it consists of a temple and a fortress. Another important historical site is the Temple of the Frescoes, which exhibits frescoes, the remains from the ancient Mayan city, that show stories symbolising the three realms of the universe that the Mayan believed in – the world of the dead, the world of life and the sky, and the abode of Gods. Further to that, Tulum is surrounded by a high wall, which was built as a fortification of the city against the nomadic people of the North.


Right outside of Tulum is where many cenotes are located. The closest one is the Cenote Calavera, where the holes in the ceiling resemble the shape of a skull. Diving and snorkelling here is absolutely magnificent and it is among the top 5 things to do in Tulum. There is also the Dos-Ojos, where the two neighbouring cenotes are linked by an enchanting complex cave system and this place was even featured in a documentary by the BBC channel.

The tropical climate, beautiful location, ruins of the ancient Mayan civilisation and a developed infrastructure make Tulum a perfect destination for those who want to relax on the beach while having access to water sports and cultural activities.