The Caribbean is full of stunning islands to explore, and come on, what could be more relaxing? Despite that, did you know that Barbados isn’t actually touched by the Caribbean Sea at all? No, Barbados is totally surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, but despite that, it is totally Caribbean in its laid-back, stunning nature.

Beaches, rum, relaxing, these are all activities that should definitely be done during a holiday to this part of the world, and when you Google the activities you can do whilst you’re there, you might begin to wonder where you’re going to find the time to fit it all in. Well, put simply, you’re not, so instead you need to prioritise what you want to see, and do that. Once you’ve booked your flights to Barbados you’ll probably be keen to figure out how to pass your time:

Here’s five of the best things to do in Barbados:


Foul Bay – There are countless amazing beaches in Barbados, but many place Foul Bay as one of the best. Why? Well if you’re looking for a true Castaway experience, you’re best heading here. Totally deserted, with no major tourism builds, and no hotels, Foul Bay is just beauty and that’s it. What more could you want? Stunning views, and no crowds. Head to the south east coast to experience this unspoilt beauty.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve – Head to Speightstown to experience a true interactive wildlife experience, where you can walk amongst red-footed tortoises and keep your belongings safe from green monkeys! Birds, reptiles and other animals are here in abundance, and you can get up close and personal with many.


Harrison’s Cave – Without a doubt the number one most popular tourist attraction in Barbados. Harrison’s Cave boasts itself on the number of stalagmites in this fascinating and quite awe-inspiring cave, along with the amazing 40 foot waterfall. Kids will love it, in fact, adults will too.

Animal Flower Cave – Yes, another cave, but Barbados is all about natural wonders. This is the only sea-accessible cave you’ll find in Barbados, and the views are simply stunning. Don’t forget your camera whatever you do. You can swim, have a picnic, and chill the hell out.


Mount Gay Rum Tour – Bridgetown is your destination, where you can sample a bit of the famous rum, learn how it’s made, and even see it being made for yourself. Of course, it would be rude not to grab a couple of bottles in the shop after you’ve toured around, it is duty free after all.

As you can clearly see, Barbados is more than a beach, but come on, who doesn’t love a Caribbean/Atlantic beach?