When booking holidays in Europe we often thing of flying, driving or taking the train. With having so much land mass you don’t think to go by boat. I was lucky enough recently to experience some luxurious European river cruises and I don’t think I want to travel any other way. Here are my top 4 reasons you should consider a river cruise next time you are in Europe.


1. It’s the most relaxing way to travel

When you travel by river cruise in Europe it takes all the hassle out of travelling. You simply arrive, unpack your bags in the one room and then let the boat take you to your next destination. Moving around hotels all the time means you spend so much time packing and unpacking as you move from one destination to the next. As well you avoid all the hassle of airports or train stations that only offer you a headache of long queues as you drag your bags around. If you were driving you wouldn’t get to appreciate the beautiful scenery as you are concentrating on the road. A river cruise means you can simply, sit back, relax and take in all the beautiful European scenery as it comes before eyes.

2. You get a new destination every day

As the boat cruises down the river each night, you wake up in the morning at your new destination, without all the hassle in travelling. This is extremely efficient with your holiday time, as you are moving whilst you sleep and can fit in more destinations. The river cruises don’t just go to the big metropolitan cities too. You’ll find on a lot of the itineraries beautiful picturesque European villages you may not have got to discover unless you did the cruise.


3. They offer the same amenities as all your hotels

It’s surprising when you step on board a river cruise boat to realise you have all the luxury amenities of a big hotel. New boats coming on to the market have the space to offer beautiful spacious suites, waterfront cabins with full balconies, Wi-Fi, different restaurants. Some boats even offer spas, gyms and swimming pools.

4. Everything is included

Most scenic river cruises include everything in the price. That’s your accommodation, food, day trips, transfers, drinks etc. So from the time you land to when you get dropped off, you no longer need to worry about currency conversions as you switch countries, and constantly heading to the ATM.