When it comes to traveling with kids, a road trip is by far the best way to go. Road trips mean you don’t need to wrangle them through security, hope they behave on a plane, or arrive tired and jet-lagged after a full day of traveling.

Here are some top tips for taking a road trip with kids:

Pack more Snacks than you think you’ll need

Of course you will be planning to take plenty of snacks with you on your road trip, but when you’re stuck in a car four five or six hours, that’s bound to be the time when your two year old decides he no longer likes his favourite food, and you’ll need to be creative. Avoid sugar as much as possible, and choose snacks high in protein and fibre, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cheese sticks, and crackers.


Commit to shorter days

You may find that you can drive for eight or nine hours a day, but if you’ve got kids in the car you’re going to find that they get bored and begin whining a lot earlier. The fact is, you’ll probably need to take the time you think you’ll need to make the trip, and double it. Taking your time will mean you can relax, and won’t need to worry about driving for as long each day, and your kids will enjoy the experience much more as well.

Don’t Overpack

Try not to pack too much, and remember that anything you leave at home can usually be replaced on the road. Pack clothes which can be worn in layers, as weather can vary significantly even one state over, and ensure that the kids have brought anything which helps them sleep at night-like their favourite stuffed animal or blanket.

Take a comfortable car

There are few things more miserable than squishing the whole family into a tiny car, or one which has no air conditioning. The car you’re driving in can be the difference between a fun, interesting road trip, or one which you’re merely “getting through” until you arrive at your destination. A Land Rover is an excellent option, as it’s spacious, comfortable, and safe for the whole family.

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Have a list of games ready

You’ve probably got a few games up your sleeve already, but if you’ve used them before, they may not last as long as you’re anticipating. Ask around, or look online for some easy car games which will keep the kids entertained when all else has failed

Take plenty of Music

While the idea of five hours of nursery rhymes may sound like hell, be sure to take some music the kids like, to distract them if it seems like a temper tantrum could be on the horizon.

Stop more often

Take a look at your route each day, and look at potential stops. Kids have small attention spans, and simply getting out of the car and having a quick walk can make all the difference. If you don’t want to stop at diners and cafes, pack some sandwiches and find a park to explore.