If you’re someone who has always wanted to travel long-term, or you’re currently off on your adventure overseas, you may have decided that you have no plans to return home. So what do you do when your cash begins running low, and you begin thinking that you’ll need to go home to make more money?

First, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways you can earn additional money while traveling, so you can stay overseas and avoid returning home with your tail between your legs.

Here are a few tips to earn additional money while traveling:

Play online

Have you checked out some of the fun games you can play online roulette while winning money? If you haven’t yet tried out an online casino, you’ve been missing out. Basically, you get online in your free time, and can end up winning big. The trick is to get the hang of the game before you begin betting, learn the ins and outs of the site and use any sign-up bonuses that you get, and only bet what you can afford to lose.


Work remotely

Do you have a skill that you can use to work online? If you’re skilled with designing websites, building sites, copywriting, or working as a virtual assistant, there’s no reason why you can’t also do this from the road. The first step is to create a kick-ass portfolio that you can use to impress clients, and then you can begin with a few basic jobs. There are a bunch of sites that can help you get started (like Upwork), and once you have some solid experience behind you, you can then start pitching larger companies.

Work and travel

Most people who have the means to travel long-term are relatively privileged, and it’s likely that they can get a working visa for a number of countries around the world. If you’re under 30 and from Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South, Africa, and a number of other countries, it’s likely that you’ll be able to apply for a Youth Mobility Visa. This will allow you to actually work while you’re visiting a new country, so you can make friends with the locals in your workplace and continue to fund your travels while pausing for an overseas work experience.



There are many countries that are crying out for English teachers, and for some of them, you don’t even necessarily need a degree. If you do have a degree, South Korea is an excellent place to teach English and you’ll get a great pay, along with housing and a unique experience teaching Korean kids, and if you don’t have a university degree, some countries such as China will “look the other way” when schools hire you to work. There are also several great websites online that will allow you to teach via Skype.