It seems like such a weird problem to have, but deciding where to go on holiday can be one of the hardest parts of planning a trip. Some people are torn between the familiar and the unknown, with favourite destinations drawing them back year after year, while others want to get off the beaten path but are unsure if this is the best option for their family.

Here are some tips for deciding where to go on holiday:


Look at your motivation

Why do you love to travel? Is it because you can’t get enough of history? Do you love photography? Or maybe you’re a total foodie and you love getting ideas for recipes you can use at home. Some people love to shop abroad, while others like nothing more than to lie by the pool and relax at their Kauai condo rentals on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

Take some time to choose only one reason why you love to travel, and this will greatly help you narrow down your potential destinations- the beach may not be great for someone who loves wandering through museums and ruins, while someone who can’t get enough of the sun and sea may find the idea of strolling down cobblestone streets terrible.

Talk to your travel partners

While traveling by yourself is an excellent way to see a destination without compromising, often we’re traveling with friends, family or our partners. And these relationships need to be taken into account.

If you’re traveling with a few friends, it can be a good idea to go to lunch and talk over your options. If everyone has different ideas in mind, simply taking the time to explain to the group why you want to visit each place can be a good way to reach a compromise, or you can each write down a destination and draw it out of the hat if you don’t see yourself finding a resolution (as long as everyone commits to going to whichever place wins).

Family can be a little easier, as so many destinations can be family friendly. However, it’s important that you take the needs of all family members into consideration regardless of their age- after all, it’s their holiday too (even if you’re paying).

Traveling with your partner can be somewhat easier, and you may find that if you really can’t agree you can split the trip into two separate parts, so you can each do the things you love.


Take a Quiz

If you’re still stuck (and this isn’t unusual), taking an online quiz can be a great way to find inspiration and be introduced to destinations that you hadn’t yet considered. Luckily, My Voucher Codes has addressed the problem by creating a quiz that you can use to narrow down destinations from around the globe. My Perfect Holiday takes information about the types of activities you like to do, your budget, and even the temperature you prefer, and gives you plenty of options to consider. Check out this travel bulletin for more information about what makes this quiz so fun and successful.