Remember the days of phone booths and outrageous international calling fees? Well, thankfully they are long gone. Thanks to smartphones and the Internet it’s possible to make long distance calls for a fraction of the price they once were. It might take a little bit of time to get you set up, but once you are, you can call friends and family for pennies compared to what you used to. In some cases, you can even make international phone calls to other smartphones or computers for free. Interested in cheap international calls? Read on for more information:


Wifi Calling Apps:

There are a number of WIFI calling apps available, including a wifi calling app for the iPhone. These WIFI calling apps require a working WIFI connection and all you to make calls from y our phone for very cheap, and sometimes, free rates. In order to enjoy these benefits you’ll need a smartphone (iPhone, and depending on whether the app is available on Andriod), a WIFI connection, and a membership. Log on, enter the person’s contact details and dial away. It’s that simple!

Online Phone Cards:

I can’t remember the last time I bought a phone card. These days it’s so easy to make international calls from your laptop and you cane easily buy online phone cards for use on international calls. They work in a similar manner to traditional phone cards, and allow you to use them online through calling services. The good thing about online phone cards is that you can often use them from computer to computer, or from computer to phone – whether a cell phone or a mobile phone.


Computer to Computer Calling:

There are some programs you can download to call from computer to computer. This is a great way to keep in touch if you can be organised enough to schedule a time ahead. Most computer to computer calling methods are free or simply cost a few cents a minute. One of the benefits to keeping in touch this way is you often can turn on your webcams and see the other person – a huge benefit when you’re far from home and missing those you care about. Computer to Computer calling is generally not as spontaneous as the other methods discussed in this post, but it still has a time and place.

It can be really hard being separated from your friends and family, even if it’s only a few hours away. Thankfully it’s getting easier and easier to keep in touch and cheaper and cheaper! With a little smart planning you can save a lot of hassle and ensure that you keep up to date with everything back home.