Today I’d like to share some disturbing information from an infographic created by Furniture Plus Online. While I’m the opposite of an outdoors person, I love nature and I’m passionate about conservation. That’s why I’d like to draw your attention to the wildfire problem.

But wildfires are just a fact of life, right? Sure, but the extent of the problem has worsened so much that it’s imperative that we draw attention to it. For example, in 2013, there were 47,579 fires. By 2015, this had climbed to 68,151. Last year, there were 71,499. This is completely unacceptable, especially considering that 90% of wildfires can be attributed to humans.


Sure, temperatures are rising, particularly in the Western United States, where they rise annually. But that’s why it’s even more important to raise awareness. After all, this increase in temperature means that conditions are primed for fires to ignite, and they’re more difficult to put out since the forests are even drier.

In the 1970s, we really only had to worry about wildfires for 5 months of the year. Now, this has increased to more than 7 months. And these fires are devastating. This year, British Columbia lost more than 2.86 million acres of forest to wildfires, and California lost more than 1 million acres. It’s hard to put into words just how much wildlife and biodiversity is lost as millions of trees, plants, and animals are decimated.

So what can we do about it? First, both individuals and businesses are able to help reforest and rebuild areas that have been damaged by wildfires around the world thanks to partnerships with One Tree Planted. If you’re looking for a good cause to support, this is the cause you’ve been looking for.

Secondly, I think it’s important to spread the word about how bad this problem is. It’s easy to think “oh well, it’s just another fire,” but many people are unaware of just how much the rate of wildfires has increased, and how much biodiversity and wildlife is being lost.

Whether you’re the outdoors type or not, it’s important that you spread the word about wildfires. Especially the fact that 90% of fires are started by humans. This is inexcusable you guys, and all it takes is one dropped cigarette to lose hundreds of thousands of acres at a time.

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