Holidays are the one of the most special times of year and sometimes we’re so excited about the holiday that we forget about all the little bits and pieces we need to get arranged before we head off. Whether you’re going away for a week, or a month, there’s lots of things you should look into to ensure everything runs smoothly while you’re away. Here are the most important things to remember before a trip away:


Get Health Coverage

No one wants to imagine what can go wrong on a holiday, but it’s important to be prepared no matter what comes your way. As such, I highly suggest travel insurance and some form of medical insurance. Many travel insurance policies cover health insurance too, but look into the options to ensure you’re covered for all the activities you’re planning to participate in. If you’re a UK resident and planning to take a holiday throughout the UK, then you’re lucky as there’s a low cost health coverage option available to you. The EHIC card provides you with access to low cost health coverage in many of the countries throughout Europe. You need a current card with you to be able to access this great benefit, so check out the EHIC Renewal site if you need to get a replacement.

Take Care of Your Pets

Our pets are often like our children, but most of the time we’re unable to take them on holiday with us. That means we need to consider who will look after them and where they will go. The best option for your pets is often keeping them in the home and having a friend or family member petsit for you. For some of this, it’s not possible, so a second option is using an online website to find a house sitter that can ensure your pets are well cared for. Alternatively, you can place your pets in a cattery or dog kennel while you’re away. I suggest putting your pet in there overnight to see how they handle it and their mood when they return to ensure they will be fine with a longer stay.


Check Out City Discounts

Many cities around the world offer city pass discounts (or variations of the same thing). In essence it’s either a booklet, or card that you buy that allows you free or discounted entry into a range of attractions and special sites around the city. If you’re planning to tick off a few of the tourist hot spots, it can be worth buying a city discount card in order to save serious money. Make a list of where you plan to go and then do the math to see if the city discount card will provide you good savings.

Make Sure Your Bills Are Paid

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a holiday only to notice that you have no electricity. This recently happened to a friend of mine it was because she didn’t have internet bill payment set up. If you’re going to be gone for more than a month, I would suggest either registering for online payments so you can keep up to date with any missed payments, or perhaps paying bills a bit in advance.