There are more fun things to do in Bangkok, Thailand as a group. Beyond a visit to its varied natural and cultural attractions, organizing team building games among friends and business colleagues could be an option for strengthening camaraderie and collaboration. Below are some interesting ideas for team-building in this major Southeast Asian destination.

Escape Room Adventure

Escape games are always on the list when it comes to team building activities in Bangkok . This adventure game has gained popularity all over the world due to its highly interactive and challenging concept. For those who like the idea of solving puzzles and mysteries within a strict deadline, a session of an escape room game in Bangkok will definitely do the trick. Game plays include options for corporate events and groups of friends and family. Travelers who find appeal in the escape room concept will also enjoy this alternative attraction. Local venues such as Escape Break features a variety of game scenarios, offering fictional locations such as mysterious rooms, hotels, and prisons.


Team Cooking

As one of the most well-known culinary traditions in the world, Thai cuisine has a unique taste that can be distinguished from others. For those who would like to tackle the challenge of whipping up great tasting Thai dishes, then add the team cooking experience to your list of unique things to do in Bangkok. This team activity mimics the concept of reality cooking shows such as “Iron Chef” and “Master Chef,” challenging the participants to develop a menu, shop for the ingredients, create a memorable table setting, and of course, cook and serve the food. Some of the best team cooking sessions are even hosted by culinary schools in Bangkok.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt experience is a must for those who are looking for unique team building activities. In Bangkok, treasure hunt team challenges come in a variety of options, including half-day and whole day sessions. Similar to the concept of the “Amazing Race,” the team travels across Bangkok utilizing buses, boats, and different modes of transport including the ubiquitous tuktuk. Using a digital map, they follow a set of instructions that would lead them to the next clue. Just like in a typical treasure hunt adventure game, the clues are earned after a specific physical or mental task has been successfully accomplished. As a bonus, teams get to see the wonderful attractions in Bangkok as they proceed with, and eventually fulfill, their quest.

Dragon Boat Racing

If you have an athletic group of friends and teammates, why not organize a dragon boat racing activity? This is definitely one of the most unique things to do in Bangkok, a city known for its network of rivers, khlong or canals. This activity is suitable for a large team since a typical canoe can accommodate around 20 paddlers, not including the person steering the boat. To optimize the dragon boat racing experience, organize two teams of paddlers to spur competition and collaboration.

Team Muay Thai

All over the world, Muay Thai has gained a reputation as a fierce contact sport steeped in Thai cultural tradition. For those who admire the practice, grace, and discipline of the sport but would like to veer away from its combative aspect, organize a team to participate in a Muay Thai seminar. These sessions are offered by team building organizers as well as local gyms such as Elite Fighting Club in Bangkok. Sparring with a partner not only provides an opportunity to exercise, it also builds teamwork and boosts confidence. As a bonus, Muay Thai is also a great stress-reliever from the corporate rat race.

Social Responsibility

Why not participate in a team charity event? Aside from achieving the goal of strengthening old friendships or building new bonds, this type of team-building activity provides an opportunity to give back to the community. An example of this group activity is the “race to the bike factory” concept at that offers a heartwarming surprise to the participants once their quest has been completed.

When you are in Bangkok and brainstorming for ideas on fun things to do in Bangkok, these types of team-building activities should always be on the list. Whether it is a corporate social responsibility task, a cooking challenge or an escape room game in Bangkok, these quintessential options promote cooperation and trust through well-designed activities.