What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of Thailand? Scenes from the Hangover movie? Long sandy beaches, framed by tropical palm trees? Pristine jungle trails? Yes, Thailand is all that and much more! When planning a trip to this magical Asian country, be prepared for the unexpected – to be drifted away into the mesmerising world of adventures, indulgence and relaxation. What will strike a first-time visitor is the sheer variety of the activities that you can participate in here – whether you are looking for a beach vacation, or an adrenaline rush – this is the place! For those adventure-seekers among you, always looking for a thrill and never missing an opportunity for something exotic and exciting – here is the top list of the things that you can participate in.


A completely fantastic, jaw-dropping experience is zip-lining in the jungle – not only do you get to climb up to the mountains, but you also get to experience a quite rustic structure of zip-lining. This adventure is definitely for the courageous few who don’t mind risking their life for the few minutes of complete adrenaline rush. In Phuket there is the Xtrem Adventure park, where you have various levels of difficulty of available activities – from rock climbing, to balancing on thick ropes hanging in the air, this place is worth a visit.

As with almost everything else in Thailand – you can’t be 100% sure about the safety of the bungee-jumping installations set up on bridges. Though the Thai learned quite well the catch phrase “Safety first”, don’t bet that they truly understand what it means. But hey, on the bright side – others have done it before you and it was fine. Bungee jumping is certainly on the top of the most adventurous things you can do in Thailand, where you have the chance to dive into the depths in front of you from the height of more than 50m, with the possibility of touching the water under the bridge.


Thailand is home to the most stunning and brilliant jungle – while there are areas with a developed infrastructure with roads, there are other untouched areas, where there may be only a natural path or two, leading into the very heart of the dense tropical vegetation. There are numerous trekking and hiking jungle tours that you can participate in – some go through the mountainous regions, others lead you to sensational waterfalls – choose your destination and enjoy the tour!

Another great way to spend your adventure- filled holidays in Thailand is by exploring the numerous wild rivers that are found in the region. The complex system of colossal rivers is fun to experience through rafting or kayaking through it. There are numerous tours, organised in every corner of this beautiful country, that you can book and enjoy either a group or a private expedition while trying your power against that of nature.

While there is a myriad of relaxing options to enjoy in Thailand, those who are looking for something extreme and bold will be surprised to find a whole array of fun activities to participate in, be it river rafting or bungee jumping, an adrenaline rush is guaranteed!