If you’ve been wondering where to go for your next vacation, look no further than the United States of America. Sure, there are plenty of exotic vacations you could take, but for one with a difference, where you’ll be seeing some of the most incredible sights in the world, meeting friendly locals, and listening to bad country songs while driving for hours on the highway, there’s really only one choice.

Here’s why you should plan a road trip in America:


Exploring Small-town America

The small, southern towns in the United States cop a lot of flack. But the truth is, much of the character of America is found in its small towns. As you travel through the small towns, accents, opinions, culture, cuisines, and politics will all change, giving you the opportunity to get to know locals from all different backgrounds and ethnicities, and see what is really so special about those “fly-over States”.

It’s Cheap

Sure, we may moan about the price of gas, but taking a road trip is actually relatively inexpensive. Flying is expensive, and you miss out on the actual experience of “getting there”, but if you plan your road trip, you’ll know where the cheap roadside diners and cafes, inexpensive roadside motels are, and for the adventurous, you may plan on camping or sleeping in the car. Keep things cheap, by making sure you have proper travel insurance, so that you don’t end up with any nasty Holiday Accident Claims

Avoiding Flying

If you need to get somewhere, and you have a few days up your sleeve to drive, why would you choose to deal with expensive flights, annoying security, baggage constraints, long lines,, losing half your day to the airport, and rude check-in staff.


A chance to comprehend the size

Many people don’t understand just how large the USA actually is. While we can say out loud that it’s nearly four million square miles, the reality is that many states are bigger than most European countries. Once you’re actually driving, and it takes you a whole day to reach the next state, you’ll realise just how vast the country really is.

The Sights

The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Times Square at night, national parks, desert, mountains, lakes, and miles of coastline. Take a camera, and be sure to bring extra batteries, since you’re sure to be making plenty of stops to gaze in awe at the gorgeous sights along the way.

The chance to do it in Style

If you’re going to do a road trip, save some money and do it in style. Spring for a few nights at some 5-star hotels along the way, which you’re sure to appreciate after a long day of driving, or hire a 2015 Mustang and be sure to get a red one for the wow factor.

Find a new place to live

If you’ve been thinking of relocating, and moving from a large city to enjoy small-town life, Taking a road trip could be the perfect opportunity to find the place you should call home. If you’re about to finish a lease, or move to the US, taking a road trip may be the difference between living in a city that’s “just ok”, or falling in love with the place you’ve been dreaming of.