When you ask people why they don’t travel more frequently or further away from where they actually live, the answer that you encounter most times is that “it’s so expensive”. May be that was true before, and even 5 years ago, but when we live at the age when almost every business has an internet presence, you have more options. Surely, if you really want to be pampered and stay in a comfortable accommodation, you could stay at a hotel, but there are so many more options that could be more fun, less expensive, or even more luxurious than hotels that you should really look into, before deciding where to stay. Although the option of couchsurfing has not really infiltrated the Asian society, and it is almost certain that most travellers would freak out if they saw how people in Thailand live, there are a lot of options that you can choose for travelling on a budget.


Our favourite option of renting an apartment from www.airbnb.com is quite strong in Phuket. You not only have the option of serviced apartments and villas, but they are also located throughout the island. The big question is choosing the area where you would like to stay – would it be the noisy Patong with its crazy nightlife, or a quiet place in Kata, offering breathtaking views of the bay? Or even the sumptuous Surin, boasting the most extravagant beach clubs on the island? Whatever you decide, make sure you check out the options on Airbnb.

Of course there are plenty of hotels to choose from in Phuket. From hostels to fancy 5* hotels, you have a wide choice. Many chain hotels are present here, such as Moevenpick, Marriott, Hilton, Banyan Tree, or one of the famous fancy Asian chains – Anantara. There are also individual hotels for ultimate relaxation such as the Pavilions or Twinpalms in Thalang. Not even mentioning the 3-4* hotels and guest houses that can cost as little as 15$ per night, spread throughout Phuket.

An alternative to Airbnb is www.travelmob.com – this website is geared towards apartment and villa rentals in South –East Asia and most times offers more options for this region. Here, again, you should more or less have an idea of the area where you would like to stay and search accordingly. Here the request may take up to 2 days to be accepted or denied, so have patience.


One website that many people are not aware of is www.phuketrenthouse.com – this is an absolute jewel, if you are looking for long-term (1-month and over) rental. Here you have a myriad of options from the locals that you can browse through. Not only are there full descriptions and photos of the place, but you can also search for the place on the detailed map of Phuket.

When you think about it, travelling somewhere may seem expensive from the airfare point of view, when it comes to accommodation, there are multiple options suitable for any number of guests, location, preferences and budget. Long gone are the days, when the only place where you could stay in a foreign country were hotels – nowadays you can rent villas, apartments, boats and studios right on the beach, if you wish to, depending on the kind of holiday that you are in the mood for.