With so many destinations available in Europe, it can be hard to decide where to go on your next trip. Many people try to fit in as many countries as possible and find themselves exhausted. Many people cram so much into their trips, that they crave a vacation from their vacation. If you’re in your forties or fifties and want to travel somewhere rich in culture, where you can explore at your own pace, there’s no better place than Spain. You can choose to explore independently,Travel Saga offers a great package holiday to Spain, or you can go through a tour. For some reasons why you should visit Spain when you’re fifty plus, please check out the following suggestions.


The Culture

Spanish culture lures as many visitors as the actual attractions of Spain. The easygoing lifestyle is seen throughout Spain, with the Spanish enjoying a siesta each afternoon, when students and workers have a few hours to sleep, eat, and relax. Spanish culture is very welcoming, and they are forgiving if you’re not comfortable in Spanish. Throughout Spain you’ll be spoiled with gorgeous buildings – for example the Alhambra in Granada – and museums that are overflowing with art from the ages.

The Food

Spanish food is famous, and one of the best-known meals is paella, which is a rice and seafood combination originating from along the Mediterranean Sea. Anyone visiting Spain simply has to try the tapas, which are often free if you’re drinking in certain bars, especially in southern Spain.

Tapas will usually be an appetiser – like foods, such as breads, cheeses, meat, vegetables, and olives, and you can either eat them as a snack with drinks, or try a few for a meal. Spain is also an excellent place to go wine tasting, and has earned a reputation for the red wine, with different regional specialties throughout the country. Spanish food is really delicious and if you can spare the time, please consider taking a wine and food tour through Barcelona or another beautiful Spanish city. Food is one of the best ways to get an insight into the culture and why not explore Spain through your stomach.


The Weather

The climate varies greatly in Spain, depending on which part of the country you’re visiting. The climate is more moderate during spring and fall, which is when the country sees most tourists, and it can get extremely hot during the summer months, especially close to the Mediterranean. August is the main month when Spaniards will take their vacations, so those who are hoping to see the locals should avoid this month as it sees a large influx of tourists and most of the locals head to the coast. Some people are surprised to know that it can get cold in Spain during the winter, although it’s not as cold as many parts of Europe or Northern America. If you’re in your fifties or beyond, this can be good to bare in mind, because often our injuries flare up in colder climates, so Spain is a great option if you want to enjoy your travels pain-free.

The Attractions

Spain is bursting with attractions, whether you prefer the “typical” tourist attractions of churches, cathedrals, and palaces, or tiny towns with cobblestone streets and orange-blossom trees. This is a country which has it all, and you’ll find excellent places for hiking and exploring nature, as well as plenty of cities where you can sit back with a cup of coffee and people-watch. Whatever pace you want to visit Spain at, you can easily find your perfect trip here.