If you are going to the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, then the best way to experience its true nature is through a luxury safari. One of the features of this safari happens to be a personal guide designated to each traveler. If you want Selous’ secrets unveiled to you, then why not see them through the eyes of a local guide?

Geographical Information

Reaching Selous is the easy part. All you have to do is catch one of the light aircraft flights that fly daily from two locations: Dar and Ruaha daily. Taking the former flight will get you to Selous in under an hour while the flight from Ruaha is close to 1.5 hours long.


Historical Information

Named after the Englishman, Frederick Courtney Selous, Selous has also featured in his writings. The hunter used to live in Selous back in 1871 and hunted there for almost 40 years! While living ether, he also penned down the book, “A Hunter’s Wanderings in Africa”. When Cecil John Rhodes started on his journey to annex Zimbabwe to the British Empire, Selous was with him. When in 1917, a sniper shit took his life, Selous was buried on the banks of the Beho Beho River. Half a decade later, British colonists bundled various game reserves that already existed south of the river and gave them the collective name of Selous. Until the 1940s, the reserve kept growing and changing shape. Soon, afterwards, the government had to move the tribes from the area due to a sleeping sickness epidemic. In 1982, Selous was declared to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kind of Animals

Selous is counted among the greatest examples of African wilderness that still exists. One of the reasons that it is considered to be so are huge populations of large mammal that are found there. These include about 150,000 buffaloes, more than 30,000 hippos and close to 5,000 lions. Not to mention that the area is extensively populated by wildebeests, zebras, impalas, giraffes, water- and bushbucks, greater kudu, eland, and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest.

The Selous also plays sanctuary to other creatures, including the endangered sable, African wild dog, and puku antelope. Then there are also considerably large populations of other big game species, such as leopards, crocodiles, spotted hyenas, and elephants. There are over 400 bird species in the Selous, including the pink-backed pelican, giant Kingfisher, and African skimmers that are found on the banks of the lakes there.

A visit to the sandbanks will show you the other avian species that call this place home. Some of them include palm-nut vulture, carmine- and white-fronted bee-eater, fish eagle, palm swift, and ibises.


Luxury Short Safari Information


There is a lot to do if you opt for the Luxury Short Safari when it comes to the Selous Game Reserve. Selous Game reserve is perfect for people looking for a zanzibar safari. If you wake up, not feeling like going trekking, then you can simply stay in and indulge in a swim. If you want to go out for a thrilling experience, then you can go on walks, game drives, or boating!


You will always have your meals in the most amazing settings with exquisitely cooked dishes from all the over world. There is an open-air bar, as well.


Generally, a safari package will include transporting the travelers to and from the airport and reserve. You will also be offered an all-inclusive accommodation. When you do venture outside, you will do so with an experienced guide and ride in a 4WD Land Cruiser/Land Rover for maximum enjoyment. Your entry fees to the reserve, as well as, flying doctor insurance, will also be part of the package.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to experience the real Selous for yourself!