With Christmas just around the corner, the spirit of the season is infectious. By that I don’t mean the markets, jolly music, and last minute efforts to find the perfect presents. With a random act of kindness you can make a real difference to those around you this December.

This year I’ve spent so much time travelling, away from family and friends. It’s been an action packed 2017 and, as it draws to a close, I’m looking at some of the ways that I can make a difference in some of the places I’ve visited. After all, isn’t bringing joy to others what the true Christmas spirit should be about?


Just £5 can provide 20 Oxfam buckets with a tap to provide fresh water. If you can sacrifice a bit more, then think of the phrase “if you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat forever.” £24 can provide a family with an allotment so they can grow their own food every day. Imagine how much of a difference that would make to a family this Christmas.

The best things about random acts of kindness is that they don’t take much effort, but their impact can be felt around the world. Last year Oxfam helped 1.7 million people with food, and 5.4 million with improved access to water. You can donate to Oxfam by phone, online or in person and give the best Christmas present to those who need it most.