When travelling the world, you want to actually see it. If you need prescription glasses, then they become your window.

Wearing glasses at home is barely given a second thought. However, many find that glasses can become a burdensome travel partner.

Whether inter-railing through Europe or backpacking in Asia, we have come up with some of the biggest problems that wearing glasses can inflict on the intrepid traveler.

Enjoying the sunshine

If travelling with one or two pairs of glasses was not enough, you also need to worry about your sunglasses.
A strong prescription means you probably won’t be able to get the exact style of glasses – such as curved sports glasses – to suit your activity. Making sure your eyes are UV protected should be high on your list of priorities. This often means a compromise on the type of sunglasses you go for.



Your adventures will eventually take its toll on your glasses. Despite your best efforts to keep them protected in a hard case and wrapped in a clean cloth, there may be a time when your glasses succumb to wear and tear or accidental damage.

Finding somewhere to repair or buy a new set can prove difficult and costly, especially if the optician requires you to renew your prescription before buying.

Coping with weather

Sunshine will cause glare and if it rains then you will be constantly wiping your lenses. High humidity can also play havoc with your vision as it steams up your glasses.


Taking photos

For the keen photographer, travelling is a great opportunity to take once-in-a-lifetime photographs, which they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Anyone who has a penchant for photography and wears glasses will know how frustrating it is when you bring the camera up to your eyes only to be obstructed by glasses. Taking them off is not really an option because you cannot see properly through the lens, and having to remove them every time to take a photo will be annoying if you end up taking hundreds of pictures throughout the vacation.

Long-haul flights

When you have two pairs of prescription glasses and a pair of sunglasses to look after then your luggage will become even more important. Some airlines require you to keep any extra pairs in your carry-on. Should they get stolen, lost or broken then it is unlikely that the airline will cover for such a loss.

Options instead of glasses

If you wear monthly contact lenses all you need is storage and solution. Some travel-sized solution bottles are designed to comply with airport regulations and can be kept in your luggage. A downside to monthlies is irritation from degrading lens quality.

If you wear your contact lenses in the sea or swimming pool then dispose of them immediately afterwards. Daily contact lenses can eradicate some of these problems, but take some space in your luggage. Hygiene can be an issue when travelling. Cleaning your hands to remove or put in contacts can be problematic and increases the risk of serious eye infections or injury.

Laser eye surgery is a popular choice for travelers who want the freedom of sight without worrying about their glasses interfering with the holiday experience. There are many benefits to laser eye surgery and while many unnecessarily worry about risks, it can actually be a positive and life-changing experience. Talk to a specialist about your options and suitability for this procedure before going ahead.

With the availability of reliable eyewear alternatives these days, it’s great to know that we don’t have to let our glasses get in the way of a great vacation.