If you’re planning a vacation in Europe, you may be struggling to pinpoint exactly where you’d like to go. After all, there are so many different places to choose from. If you’d like to narrow down your options, this place is for you. Here are some of the top places to visit in Europe:


Berlin is an incredible city with everything you could hope for- great food, an amazing nightlife, excellent museums, and lots of history. I personally like visiting around Christmas, when you can enjoy some of the markets and it’s not so hot. One of the awesome things about Berlin is that much of the history you learn about in the museums is relatively recent- you can hear first-hand stories of what it was like growing up with the Berlin wall, and how it felt when it came down.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Out of all the places I’ve visited in Europe, Bosnia is one of my favourites. It’s still incredibly underrated, which means you can visit before it becomes completely overrun with tourists. The people are incredibly friendly, and you’ll enjoy some of the best scenery you’ll find anywhere.



If you really want to see the best that Greece has to offer, consider a yacht charter in Greece. The best way to see this country is from the sea, and you can take your time and choose the islands you really want to see. Check out Vernicos Yachts in Greece for more information.

While you’re in Greece, be sure to spend some time in Athens. The city used to simply be a stopping-off point before tourists visited the islands, but it’s now becoming a destination in its own right.


Poland is another hugely underrated destination, and often overlooked in favour of countries like France and Germany. Warsaw is a relatively modern city with an excellent nightlife and some great museums. Krakow is more of a historical city, where you can spend hours wandering. I highly recommend a visit to Auschwitz. It will be a very sad day, but it makes sense to visit if you’re in the area.

The Netherlands

Sure, most people visit Amsterdam on a European trip (do yourself a favor and leave the spacecake alone), but few travel further than the big city, which is sad. Head to Zandaam, get out to the countryside where you can take photos of windmills, and eat plenty of Dutch cheese.