Mauritius is the current darling for honeymooners. Everyone can see themselves and their new spouse there, and for good reason.

Mauritius is located in the Indian ocean, off the coast of Africa. Its relatively remote destination makes it even more interesting for potential honeymooners, who are tired of the typical honeymoon destinations and want something a little more special after their wedding.

The very name of Mauritius makes you picture images of white, sandy beaches, tropical luxury, and the best in extravagance. Sure, there are plenty of honeymoon destinations which offer luxury resorts, beach chairs and umbrellas, however most people find themselves eventually wanting to do something other than sunbathing and swimming.


This makes Mauritius the perfect destination for those who want both relaxation and adventure.

The island is full of cultural diversity, geographic variation, and historic sights, with an almost limitless list of activities which can keep you occupied when you’re not lying on the beach or by the pool.

Mauritius may be the most developed when it comes to the Mascarene islands, but there is still plenty of options for you if you want to escape those crowds and get “off the beaten path”. Famous for its welcoming and warm people, Mauritius offers the noise and bustle of a capital city with Port Louis (the wealthiest city in Africa), as well as plenty of opportunities for shopping in the thriving garment markets in the towns of Curepipe an Quatre Bornes.

Foodies will feel at home here, with Indian, French, Chinese, and African cuisine, and the infectious and fun party spirit which permeates the island, and you’ll never want to leave.


I’ve always known that I would like to make my way to that side of the world for my honeymoon, and I can think of no better vacation than a luxurious honeymoon to Mauritius.

The very name sounds exotic. And I can imagine most people giving me a questioning look and saying “where?” when I tell them where I’m going. In my opinion these are the best types of destinations, and at home everyone either goes to the pacific islands or Southeast Asia (specifically Fiji, Rarotonga, Bali and Thailand) when it comes to their honeymoons.

I can imagine that you could easily kill two birds with one stone and choose to elope in Mauritius. I can barely think of a more romantic destination, and since it has all of the things I love in a relaxing vacation: good food, amazing beaches, luxurious hotels, plenty of partying, friendly locals, a city to explore, and plenty of adventure, I’d love to go there tomorrow. I’ve looked at everything – from where we might stay, what we might do, even how we might get there (did you know that there is a way to fly private without paying for fractional private jet ownership?). As soon as I know I can afford it, you’d best believe I’ll be seriously looking to get there!


The best news for those who are watching the budget, is that many of the resorts are offering incredible deals. I like the sound of all inclusive resorts, so you can eat and drink as much as you like with your new partner in life, and don’t need to worry about opening your wallet.
Many of them offer discounts such as “bride stays free”, along with free romantic dinners for the happy couple, and amazing spa treatments. Sign me up!