If you’re bored of the typical sun-worshipper holiday, or the same old city breaks, then it’s time to plan something more unusual. However, with so much world to see, and so many ways of planning a trip to see it, it can get overwhelming. Whether you want to climb Everest, volunteer in the rainforest or live with an African tribe, take a look at our guide to making finding the unusual holiday that you’re looking for easy.

There are a number of different ways that you can make your holiday a little more quirky than the average package holiday.


Doing it Differently

This way, you go to mainstream touristy destinations, such as Spain or Italy, and you make sure that you do something different when you’re there. For example, you could go to Spain and go walking and talking, where you learn Spanish and hike the hills, or go biking between cities. Seek out a different way of experiencing the same old things.

Go off the Beaten Path

Another way of doing it would be to simply go off the tourist map. Try to avoid going for the latest in ‘the best new destination’ that you might find in the paper or popular travel sites. The very moment that they go on that paper or website, it means that they are no longer new, and officially on the tourist map. Instead, seek out smaller holiday companies, such as Round the World Experts, who might have an ear closer to the ground and will be able to offer you a truly different experience.



An experience where you get to learn something or help someone can really make a holiday unusual. For example, you could volunteer with your family and help turtle conservation in Costa Rica, or learn how to cook like the families of Thailand. If you’re volunteering you should be prepared for basic accommodation and hard work, but it is one of the most fulfilling way to spend your time.

Unusual Accommodation

One of the best ways to make sure that your holiday is unique is to stay somewhere more unusual. For example, staying in a yurt, a tree house, a barge or a Romanian caravan wherever you want to go will make any holiday more interesting. Many of them will be run by people who have alternative perspectives on life too, which means that you’re more likely to discover interesting things to do too.