When you are trying to ready a getaway for your whole family, you could understandably wonder how you are supposed to keep everyone happy. Do you really have to settle for dropping the kids off at a child-friendly attraction while you and the other adults head off elsewhere for the day?

Not quite. London is so rich in diverse attractions that you are unlikely to overly struggle to find ones satiating the appetites of every family member. The following attractions are good cases in point…

Get set for some time-travelling

London has stood and developed for centuries and has many historically fascinating sites to show for it. However, though you might already have been salivating at the prospect of refreshing your historical knowledge while in the city, you might not anticipated such enthusiasm from your kids.

One survey mentioned by the Express has revealed Buckingham Palace as one of the family-friendly London attractions of which kids are most fond. You wouldn’t have to walk your kids far from Green Park Tube station before reaching the Queen’s world-famous residence.

Rated even higher in this kids’ vote was the Natural History Museum, where your own little ones could learn about biologist Charles Darwin and the natural world.


Prepare a walk on the wild side

While on the subject of the natural world, you and the kids could get close to living specimens, too, at the Sea Life London Aquarium. It’s located in County Hall on the UK capital’s South Bank, and your children could be especially enticed by the penguin attraction that opened as recently as 2016.

There’s the opportunity to check out land life, too, at London Zoo. It’s in Regent’s Park and could particularly excite your kids due to its Land of the Lions experience. Hey, it’s not like English people haven’t enjoyed often singing about lions – three of them, to be exact – recently…

Tuck in at these family-friendly restaurants

You could get so busy checking out as many London attractions as possible that staving off those hunger pangs could start falling down your priority list. Still, you need to replenish yourself sooner or later – and, ideally, at an eatery where everyone in your family likes something on the menu.

Fortunately, London’s Evening Standard has compiled its own top-ten list of family-friendly restaurants in the capital. Which of these particular restaurants you should choose is largely a matter of which type of food you – and, obviously, other members of your family – like.

If you like Indian cuisine, you can get that from one of various Masala Zone outlets, where there is also a children’s menu for under-sevens. Another chain, Wahaca, similarly caters for fans of Mexican food, while the Pizza Pilgrims restaurants offer… well, take a guess.

Knowing all of this leaves you to decide where to book your accommodation. The Dorsett Hotel, City of London establishment of 4 stars in Aldgate is one example of a hotel that would let you, with kids in tow, reach many of the capital’s attractions in little time.