Do you usually stay in hotels when you’re travelling? If so, you may find that you have a much better time in a bed and breakfast, which is a great way to have an authentic experience while saving money and receiving better value.

Often in a bed and breakfast, the people who are looking after you will be the owners of the B&B. That means that they’re invested in making sure you’re having the best possible time and receiving excellent customer service. Compare this to a hotel manager, who has hundreds of guests to look after and simply works at the hotel- meaning they’re not as invested in your happiness.

Think back to the last time you stayed in a hotel, and the extras that you probably ended up paying for. It’s likely that you paid extra for wifi, parking, breakfast, and snacks, and some hotels will now also charge a daily “resort fee” as well. Bed and breakfasts are more likely to be all inclusive and will include most of these things in the initial price, allowing you to budget better for your trip.


One of the worst thing about staying in a hotel is that the rooms have no personality. You’ll find that every room looks exactly the same, and after a while all the hotel rooms that you’ve stayed in will often begin to blend together. Bed and breakfasts are often a little quirky, and instead of the same room over and over, you’ll find that often the rooms have different themes and have been individually decorated. That means that even if you return to the same B&B, you’ll have a completely different experience in a completely different room.

If you’ve had enough of the sad continental buffet breakfast offered by most hotels, a bed and breakfast is sure to impress. You’re likely to find yourself enjoying an authentic breakfast that has been home cooked with local produce. Since food is a great way to learn about a different place and culture, and a delicious breakfast is a great way to fill you up and give you energy for a full day of sightseeing.

For people who like to be social when they’re travelling, a B&B gives you more opportunities to meet new people compared to a hotel where most people are wrapped up in their own worlds. B&Bs are a little more intimate, and you’ll probably find yourself meeting new friends over breakfast, hanging out in the common areas, and maybe even exploring the town or city together.

At the same time, if you do want privacy, you’ll find it in a B&B as there are far fewer people and you’re unlikely to be dealing with large functions like weddings and conferences.

Your hosts are also likely to be locals, which means they’ll be able to tell you all of the best local places to go for food and to see the sights.

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