If you’re already sick of winter and ready for a holiday somewhere warm, now’s the time to book. As airlines continue to charge huge money for checked luggage, it simply makes more sense to just fly carry on, although it may take a little work.

Here are some tips for packing light for your next trip:

Think Layers

If you’re heading somewhere warm, this is easy, and you’ll just need to remember to pack your swimwear, a few cute dresses, some sandals, and maybe a cardigan or two in case it gets chilly at night.

For those travelling somewhere where the weather can often change, or you may have four seasons in one day, consider packing a pair of jeans so you can keep your legs warm and then layer tops on or take them off if it gets warmer. Another good option is to bring some leggings, which can be worn underneath your dresses and then taken off later in the day if it gets too warm.


Pack Smart

If you’re flying carryon, you’re limited by the amount of clothes you can take, and your bag must be a certain size and weight. This is why it’s a good idea to choose your heaviest clothes and wear them on the plane, so you can keep warm when the temperatures drop on board, and ensure you have more room in your carryon for your other clothes.

Roll your clothes

If you haven’t yet tried this trick, you’ve been missing out. Rolling your clothes makes it less likely that you’ll need to iron them when you arrive, and it also saves you a ton of space as you’ll fit more clothes in. Roll up your clothes as tightly as you can, and be sure to use all available space- the corners of your bag are great for shoes or socks that have all been rolled up. You’ll be surprised by how much extra space this gives you, and you’re unlikely to ever go back to folding your clothes again!

Be a harsh judge

Before you pack your clothes, you’ll need to decide how you’ll use each piece, the number of times you would wear it, and if it can be mixed and matched with other clothes to make more than one outfit. If you’re going somewhere humid or hot, it’s likely you’ll spend most of your time in a bathing suit, and if you end up travelling to a few different places, bring some laundry powder, wash your clothes as you go, and no one will notice if you’ve repeated a few outfits.


Leave some room

It’s likely that you’re going to want to do some shopping or at least pick up a few souvenirs while you’re away, and if you don’t leave some room for these, you’ll be panicking in the hotel room before you leave. Take a canvas bag with you as this can roll up nice and small, and that way you’ll be able to pack new items and potentially carry them onboard with you as your personal item.