I’ve always wanted to do a cruise. While most people are under the mistaken impression that they’re only for older travellers, there are so many cruise lines and cruise types available that there really is something for everyone.

While I love adventure travel, I often have the actual travelling part of travel. You know how it goes-packing each day, long flights, too much time spent on buses, checking out of hotels-the actual travelling part is often time consuming and tiring.

The best part of cruising is the fact that this is completely removed. I mean sure, you need to actually get yourself to the cruise departure point, but from there it’s completely up to the cruise line. You unpack once, and from then you’re only focus is relaxing and enjoying yourself.


These days most people are busy and hardly get any time off during the year. From the moment you arrive on a cruise everything is taken care of so can do whatever you want.

One of the things which draws me to cruising the most is the incredible facilities on board most ships. The ships are really floating cities, and you’ll find everything you need onboard. Expect to find facilities like a library, hair salon, spa, bars and nightclubs, medical facilities, cafes, and movie theatres.

Some ships even have incredible entertainment with broad-way style shows, performances, comedians, and singers from around the world. If you’ve got kids you’ll know they’ll be kept entertained and will love the swimming pools and kids clubs.

Another thing which draws me towards cruising is the fact that it’s all-inclusive. Once onboard you hardly have to open your wallet, which definitely helps you to relax. When you’re paying for your cruise you’re paying for accommodation, transport, food and entertainment. You can also prepay for drinks packages, gratuities, spa treatments, and day tours at each destination before you board the ship.


Ships will often also give you the ability to purchase ship money onboard, or top up cards so you can have a set amount to spend. This is also good if you have kids, and it gives them a sense of responsibility if they’re managing their own money.

I also love the many different places you can go when you’re cruising. Sure, there are tons of different island options, but I’ve always wanted to do a river cruise in Europe. The great thing about river cruising is the ships are often a little smaller (although still luxurious), s you’re more likely to make fast friends.

Some of the cutest European towns are also situated next to rivers, and I’d love to do a pretty Amsterdam canal cruise since I think it would be a great introduction to cruising, and an excellent way to see some of Holland.

If you’ve been considering doing a cruise, ditch the fast-paced itineraries for your next vacation, and wake up to a new destination each morning.