Holidays can be exhausting. Flights need to be booked, passports need to be updated, and while you’re trying to get everybody on the schedule and searching or the cheapest flights, you know those fares are going to increase.

And then you get to the airport. Checking in, hustling through security with over-excited kids, removing belts and shoes, taking your laptop out of your bag and then quickly trying to repack it before everyone piles up behind you.

Next is the flight. Crammed into a tiny space, knees pressed up against the seat in front of you before that person even reclines their seat, and don’t even get me started on the food.

Finally, you get to your destination, wait for your baggage and try to find a taxi.


No wonder the thought of a holiday can seem like too much hard work.

Did you know that in the travel industry, cruising is the fastest growing way to travel? As countless people wake up to the fact that holidays should be relaxing and flight prices are out of control, cruises are continuing to gain in popularity.

On a cruise, you only unpack your stuff once. There’s no checking in and out of hotels and no flights. Instead, you’re taken to your next destination and get to enjoy the process, taking advantage of the facilities on the ship.

Cruising is also one of the most cost-effective ways to travel. Increased competition has meant lower prices, and since cruising includes your accommodation, transportation, food, and accommodation, you pay for most of your trip up-front. You can also pre-book drinks packages and day tours.

When it comes to convenience, there are few better ways to travel than cruising. Since most people take less than 2 weeks of holidays each year, no one wants to spend precious holiday time getting from point A to point B. From the moment you get onto your cruise, everything else is taken care of, so you can focus on relaxing by the pool.

For me, one of the best reasons to take a cruise is the facilities. These ships have everything you need, and you’re very unlikely to get bored. Ships will have nightclubs, bars, restaurants, pools, internet access, cafes, medical facilities, cinemas, hair salons, spas, and lots of shopping. You’ll meet new friends and will be able to eat as much as you want of some of the best food around (you may want to visit the gym each day as well).

The entertainment is top-notch, with singers, comedians, performers, and kids clubs so you can take time out to relax. I love the fact that cruises are all-inclusive, and once you’ve paid for your cruise you hardly have to reach into your wallet at all- even gratuities can often be pre-paid. If you’ve never cruised before, why not try and relax on a luxury cruise holiday, and I am pretty sure, this will never be your last.