Do you believe in ‘what ifs’? To a certain degree I think they should be avoided, because if you lived your life by ‘what if’ all the time then you’d never do anything at all, worried about the alternative outcome. We should take calculated risks in life, in order to move onwards and upwards, however there are some risks that are simply not worth taking, and one of those is travelling without travel insurance.


In the event of a problem whilst away from home on your travels, you could be left with a hefty bill, not to mention a lot of stress and worry in the process, and when you consider that holidays are meant to be fun things, it’s a situation you just don’t need.

In terms of a medical problem, many people think that applying for an EHIC card, or European Health Insurance Card, is enough to see them through, however that’s simply not the case. You need proper travel insurance to give you peace of mind, because when you’re sick abroad, having to explain to an official that you have no insurance, and in the worst case scenario, that you can’t pay the bill, could mean refusal for treatment in some cases – you’re basically playing with your own health by not taking the time out to organise cover.

You have no excuse really, because there are quality, low cost policies on offer and all it takes is a price comparison search online – you can even do it in your pyjamas, sat in front of the TV, with your laptop perched on your knee!


Simply pick a policy which covers your region, suits your price range, and remember to declare any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of booking, and you’re good to go! If you’re planning on doing any adrenaline sports, or winter sports, such as skiing, make sure you’re covered in the small print, otherwise you may need to buy an add-on to your policy.

Once you’ve purchased your cover, simply print it out, keep the emergency claim number in your mobile phone for reference, and put the paperwork in your hand luggage. Obviously we hope you never have to refer to it again, but peace of mind is invaluable. It’s always a good idea to save the confirmation email in your email inbox too, just in case you lose your paperwork for whatever reason.

Don’t play with fate, it’s simply not worth the risk.