If you live in Las Vegas or you’re vacationing, one of the best things you can do is to enjoy a road trip to Arizona, more precisely to the Grand Canyon. It doesn’t take much to go from Vegas to Arizona, and you’ll get the chance to witness one of nature’s most impressive monuments.
Trust us when we say that the Grand Canyon is more impressive in real life than in pictures, make sure not to miss this opportunity. People come to the Grand Canyon from all over the world. That’s why being in Las Vegas is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a trip and acquire unforgettable memories.

No Car? Take a Tour from Vegas to Arizona

Would you enjoy a Las Vegas road trip, but you don’t have a car at the moment? You shouldn’t worry about it because there are many options to choose from if you want to travel from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon to Sedona. The tours are pretty inexpensive so you wouldn’t need to get loans in Las Vegas, NV to pay for them.
These road trips are so popular that you can easily find a tour that will take you to see Arizona and the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. You need to choose the right tour, pick the best time, and book it. You’ll enjoy the fact that everything will be taken care of, and you don’t need a car to make this road trip happen.

Getting to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas
The truth is that the Grand Canyon is the biggest attraction in the area when it comes to natural wonders. It’s impossible to describe the scale and stunning views you will enjoy once you get there. It’s the kind of experience you need to have on your own, at least once in your lifetime.
To get to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, you’ll end up on the famous Route 66. Also, it’s only a one-day drive to see this incredible canyon from Vegas.
We agree that Las Vegas is mesmerizing, but wait until you see what lies outdoors, a couple of miles away from the busy urban center. So, while you’re in Vegas, schedule a day to get to the Grand Canyon, and make sure to grab a camera with you as well. It’s best to take photos of the spectacular views and share with your family and friends to motivate them to go as well.

Why Visit the Grand Canyon?
There is more to be seen there than you could imagine. Taking a trip from Las Vegas to Sedona to the Grand Canyon is something you will not regret. Make sure you have a map on hand before you start your journey. You’ll be able to focus on the essential parts of the canyon. When we say map, we’re not necessarily referring to the traditional version. These days, you can easily download a map in the form of an app, directly from your mobile phone.
While it is true that having a map will help you find the best spots around the Grand Canyon and on your way there, we will share a few tips as well. There are some things you should not miss seeing while you’re taking this trip.
Add the Springs Preserve Botanical Gardens in Las Vegas to your itinerary. You can find the gardens just a few miles away from the center of the city, and the walk around them is simply magical. There are 180 acres to enjoy in total, so make sure you dedicate sufficient time to visit it or, at least, see the most of it.
You can explore the Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire State Park, and Lake Mead on your way to the Grand Canyon. While you take this Las Vegas road trip, it is worth seeing them as they are literally on the road. Considering that you will spend a day driving, you should make the most of your stops. What better way to make a pit stop than to enjoy another exciting landmark or objective?

On a Schedule? Here’s Where to Go in the Grand Canyon
Once you reach the Grand Canyon, it’s easy to tell that you won’t be able to visit it all in one day or do all the activities you can do over there. So, what’s the best part of the Grand Canyon that is worth seeing, when your schedule is tight?
Grand Canyon West is a favorite among visitors. It offers a Skywalk, which is a bridge made out of glass that provides a stunning view over the canyon. Under the bridge, 4,000 feet below, is the canyon. You’ll have a clear view over the abyss and the majestic appearance of the canyon.
If you want more spots to enjoy breathtaking views over the gorge, try outside the Grand Canyon at Guano Point and Eagle Point on the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

Take This Trip Now
Vegas is thrilling, indeed, but it’s worth taking the trip for all the beauty you will get on your way there, and once you get there as well. What we mentioned earlier is just a small part of the things you can do and see during your Las Vegas road trip. There are many more to be discovered, of course, but it depends how much time you wish to spend in the area.
Remember, do your best to make the trip from Las Vegas to Sedona to the Grand Canyon as you won’t regret it. You even have the choice to do it in an organized manner, as a tour offered by a professional team and company, if you’re not in the mood to drive or you want to sit back and relax. No matter how you do it, the journey itself and the Grand Canyon have much to offer.