What to and what not to in Los Angeles? Well, you might be subjected to this question a zillion times when you are in this vivacious city. Its vibrancy and the myriad of options that it serves its tourists make Los Angeles special. You will never get bored when you are in this city. Especially, when you are with a group. If you are off to Los Angeles for a week, you could make the most of your trip even without visiting Hollywood, now isn’t that amusing and exciting at the same time? To make your commute easier in the city, go for charter bus rentals in Los Angeles. It will not only make your trip travel-friendly but also cheap. Now, you might go all bemused while in Los Angeles. To make things easier for you, here’s a list of places you should not miss out on while in Los Angeles:


Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Are you a Hollywood fanatic? Then the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a must visit destination for you. Stroll down this famous place with your group and soak up the memories and the myriad of stories it narrates. It has some of the most illustrious names of the industry engraved on it. Around 2500 names are engraved pink terrazzo and gold lettering. It will give you a feel which you can’t have enough of. So do not miss out on this one when you are in LA. Also, you can also visit the Chinese Theatre which has footprints and handprints of stalwarts of this industry. It’s the ‘it’ spot for film lovers.

Santa Monica Pier:

Sanat Monica Pier is yet another destination which you cannot miss out on when in Los Angeles. It consists of a carousel, an arcade, an amusement park, a trapeze school, restaurants and a summer outdoor concert series. Santa Monica Pier offers a wide range of activities for its visitors. It’s one of the coveted group stop destinations.

Universal Studios:

Universal Studios is surely one of the must-visit destinations when you visit Los Angeles with your family. It makes the magic of filmmaking look real. This gargantuan studio along with its theme park has loads of rides and other amusements to keep its visitors engaged. You cannot afford to not visit Universal Studios when in LA.


We have all grown up watching Disney Land. The wonders of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse and the charm that these characters have catapult a notch higher when you enter the magical world of Disneyland. Visit Disneyland to make the most of Walt Disney’s magic and creation.

Dolby Theatre:

Dolby theatre is located in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. It’s a live performance audience and is one of the most coveted destinations in Los Angeles. The theatre hosts the famous Academy Awards. It offers special group tour facilities from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm. The ticket is also pretty cheap. During the Oscar prep period the theatre is kept closed for visitors. Besides Oscars, it hosts a legion of events. Starting from live concerts to awards shows, from symphony performances to other shows, it showcases a number of things.

So, now that you have some of the must-visit destinations in Los Angeles, planning your trip would be way easier. However, the aforementioned list is an excerpt of a bigger picture. Los Angeles has a lot to offer, way more than you can fathom. And as mentioned earlier, opt for charter buses to make your trip easy and smooth. Also, have a proper plan before you make your way to Los Angeles, because with so many options handy, you might get all confused and loose track. So, keep it simple, easy and planned.