Moving home is exciting, but it can also be a hugely overwhelming and stressful task, not to mention expensive if you don’t plan for it properly. Have you been keeping all your costs to a minimum? We could always use a little more money-saving advice, so in today’s post, I’m giving you the top ways to make savings during the moving process.

1. Scout out the place first

You should aim to go around to your new home at least once to take thorough measurements and decide where things will go. Then you can go home, get organised, and make sure items are packed in the correct unloading order. That’s everything from kitchen utensils to sofas and wardrobes. It will make the entire process much smoother, but also help you cut down on the time it takes to do everything, meaning less money is spent on any professional services you’ve hired.


2. Set up utilities in advance

Head over to your current provider’s website; what’s the process for moving home? Is it simple? How costly will it be? Arm yourself with the facts before getting in touch with them, so you understand what they’re talking about and you aren’t forced into anything. Then shop around other providers, as most have introductory offers for new customers – consider the price difference, but also how stressful a switch would be.

3. Aim for “off-peak”

Given how lengthy the moving process can be, you’ll most likely have to take time off work to do things properly. That said, if you want to save money on removal rates, the best time to move is during a week, outside of the summer holidays. This is when demand spikes, as children are out of school and parents attempt to get the new home settled before the new academic year starts. Try to avoid the first and last days of the month too, when rental leases expire and people swap flats.

4. Hire the professionals

On the one hand, you could book the entire service with a removals company – with everything covered from the lifting and carrying to the petrol, but some companies will restrict moves based on distances. On the other hand, hiring something like a pallet courier service can be much better for your wallet. Pallets aren’t difficult to get hold of, and given that you can secure your items yourself, it’s the perfect compromise between professional and DIY.

5. Throw out the junk

Finally, this seems like an obvious idea, but few people consider it. Do you really need all those all magazines and stuffed toys? This isn’t only the perfect time to throw out rubbish, but to also get rid of any unwanted furniture. Take them down to your local car boot to drum up some extra cash, and make the overall moving load much lighter, taking less time to pack, less time to unload and your hired hands will be able to finish earlier.

Do you have any other money-saving tips for new homeowners?