Spending time in transit can be an uncomfortable, boring hassle – or it can be an exciting part of any adventure. It all depends on your perspective. Try these simple perspective-shifters to revolutionize your transportation from terror to treat.

Take a Mini-Vacation

So, you’re on a plane, a train, or a boat. You probably don’t have Wi-Fi –no Internet, no e-mail, no social media, no connection with work or the world. Take advantage. Even if you could check up on things on your phone, choose not to. Use the hours that you’re in transit to go off the grid and take a real day off. Read that book you’ve been wanting to lose yourself in. Download your favorite TV show before you go and catch up on episodes you’ve missed. Listen to music. Write a poem. Doodle in a sketchbook. Play endless games of solitaire. Take a nap. Use these hours when you’re cut off from being productive to do just that – not be productive. Just make sure you give yourself absolute permission. Stress or anxiety creeping in will ruin the fun.


Snack Special

For a simple way to make transport time special, eat like it’s a special occasion. Celebratory times – birthdays, weddings, holidays, celebrations – are often marked by foods we love. Do the reverse and use a food you love to make travelling feel more celebratory. Buy your favorite candy bar and munch on it over the course of your train ride. Indulge in a fantastic meal during a long airport layover. It sounds silly, but eating like it’s a celebration is treating it like a celebration – and it will make the whole journey a lot more fun.

Get Excited

Pull out your guidebook and a pen during your journey and go crazy. Daydream about the things you’ll see, the places you’ll go, and the people you’ll meet. Make lists of the foods you want to try, the music you want to hear, and the streets you want to walk when you reach your destination. Bring a phrase book and use your travel time to start memorizing words. Travel literature is also great for this – find a well-recommended work of fiction about your destination, and get lost in tales of places you’re bound to see with your own eyes.


Be Nice

What goes around, comes around – and that’s especially true of travel. No matter what’s going on, be kind to everyone who crosses your path, especially the people serving you. It’s called being a good person. If you really need incentive to be nice, remember this: the nicer you are to people, the higher the chance is they’ll do all they can to make your life better in whatever way they can.

Realize How Amazing It All Is

No matter how you’re travelling, you’re doing it at speeds undreamed of a hundred years ago. Take a second to revel in the amazing time we live in- that you can go see the world without travelling for months on end. Whatever hiccups, delays, discomforts or inconveniences pop up along the way, don’t forget how truly easy your journey has really been. A little perspective goes a long way to make all things feel more pleasant – and possibly even special.