Whether you’re travelling long-distance or long-term, staying in shape and ensuring you get enough movement throughout the day can be challenging.

When you’re travelling it can be easy to “live in the moment” and indulge in comfort foods, new local delicacies and plenty of calories from booze. However, this can mean that when you return home from your trip you’ll realise that you’ve taken multiple steps backwards with your health and fitness, which can definitely contribute to feeling depressed when you’re back at work.

Here’s the thing: You can have it all. You can stay fit, strong and healthy, while still having incredible adventures, going to parties, eating local food, and of course, living in the moment.


Furniture@Work has been focused on ensuring that everyone, including people who are off travelling and those who are working in an office are able to stay limber, and the team have been encouraging the use of office yoga and intermittent movement throughout the day.

Before travelling, everyone should have at least one workout that they could do anywhere. While some people will find it easy to get to the gym and get a workout in, many others will find it almost impossible to motivate themselves to hunt down a gym when they’re abroad (unless they’re staying in a hotel with gym facilities).

When you’re travelling long-distance, one of the best things to do is to focus on doing things that don’t really feel like hard exercise such as going on a walking tour or hiring a bike- meaning you can explore a new location without feeling like you’re working out- even though you’re still exercising.

Everyone needs one strength training workout that they can do anywhere, allowing you to build your joints and muscles, meaning they’re prepared for all of the activities you’ll throw at them while you’re travelling.

You’ll also find that there are many different videos on YouTube which feature yoga, pilates, HIT training, and even programs like Insanity so you can have a guided workout from wherever you happen to be.


It’s also a good idea to remember that while it’s important to get enough movement, your diet will also account for the same, if not a higher percent of how you’re looking and feeling. You can’t out-train or out-run a bad diet, so focus on eating real food and avoiding liquid calories as much as you can, and focusing on food that will keep you full and energised, including vegetables, protein, fruit, nuts, and occasionally a little bread or pasta.

The good thing about eating this way is that these basic foods can be found anywhere you’re travelling, and if you focus on eating natural food 80% of the time, you can indulge when you’re out to dinner or partying for the other 20%.

Getting enough movement and watching your diet while travelling can seem like hard work, however your body will feel much better for it and you’ll appreciate it when you get home.