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With the summer drawing to a close, the travel- loving adventurers amongst us will already be planning their bucket list for 2018. And it’s so worth doing so, it gives you chance to decide exactly what you want to do and save up too. But don’t just consider destinations, think of the kind of adventures you’re after- what sort of getaways will enrich your life? Here are a few to consider?

Go on a Road Trip
One of the best things about going on a road trip is you get to see lots of different places in one vacation. If for example, you take the ‘Border to Border’ route in the US highlighted on you will start in the Canadian Rockies and finish up in the Sonoran Desert with many stops, states and attractions along the way from national parks to deserts, rivers, mountains and even head through Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. While you won’t get masses of time in each place, you still get the experience of being there, travelling through and can stop at any attractions you like the look of along the way. You need to decide whether you will be travelling in an RV and using campsites, or driving a normal car and staying in hotels and motels. Either way, make sure your vehicle is up for the job. You could take a look at additional safety features from sites like and you could have your car looked at by a professional before setting off. The last thing you want is to break down mid trip!

Volunteer Abroad
Volunteering abroad really is a win- win situation. As well as being able to help those less fortunate, it also gives you the opportunity to experience a different part of the world. You can learn about other cultures, and it can give you an appreciation for your own life. Whether it’s helping construct buildings, assisting with animals or teaching children basic English and numeracy skills- it’s something everyone should aim to do at least once in their life. There are often programs run where you can stay for free in return for your time and help. You don’t need to even have any special skills or qualifications, just be able to help with what is being asked.

Go Backpacking
Backpacking might not mean relaxing in luxury resorts, laying on the beach and sipping cocktails- but it’s still an incredible way to travel, has more information on this. It enables you to mix with the locals, explore the area and travelling by foot and public transport. You will see a side to a destination that’s simply missed when you’re a tourist and is a highly beneficial experience for anyone. You could either sign up to a group where a guide takes you around and shows you the best places to go, or you and your friends could do some research and create your own route.