The Isle of Wight is a great place for a traditional yet upmarket seaside holiday. Visitors can choose from plenty of different towns and beaches, and there are many activities for people of all ages.

If you’re looking for a place where you can truly get away from it all, without needing to spend a long time travelling, the Isle of Wight is the place to go. Located less than 5 miles from Hampshire, this destination is known for its unspoilt beauty and plethora of outdoor activities.

There are up to 350 ferries crossing to the Isle of Wight every day, so you can easily ditch the car and use public transport on the island. If you’re the type who never travels without your dog, you’ll love the Isle of Wight. Dogs can even visit the Robin Hill Adventure Park, where you can also entertain the kids.

One of the main reasons why Brits love the Isle of Wight? The beaches. While many beaches in the UK are a little sad in comparison to most of Europe, the beaches in the Isle of Wight may just make you feel like you’re in Greece or Italy. Keep an eye out for dolphins, and be sure to head to Alum Bay or Brook Chine if you’ve got kids.

The Isle of Wight is also an excellent place to visit if you like your food. Be sure to check out Thompson’s Restaurant which is serving some of the best traditional British food, while incorporating local ingredients and flavors. Lockslane Contemporary Bistro is another must-visit, and you’ll find some delicious dishes with a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Another great reason to visit? The Needles. It’s a little difficult to see why these rocks are compared to needles, so you’ll need to know the story behind the name. The Needles originally had a fourth rock, which looked like a needle. In the Bible, there’s a story about a woman getting turned into a pillar of salt, and the comparison was made. The fourth rock collapsed in the seventeen hundreds, but the name stuck, and The Needles are well worth a visit if you love the outdoors.

Carisbrooke Castle is another famous attraction here. This is where King Charles 1 was held during the Civil War. You’ll also be able to see some donkeys who were used to raise water from the well (using a 16th-century version of a treadmill).

If you’re looking for a family-friendly destination where you can relax and do as much (or as little) as you like, consider the Isle of Wight for your next trip. Blue Chip Holidays have all the information you need for a fun adventure or a gastronomic experience.