So you’re travelling Europe and you need packing tips? Well, here you have them. Whether you’re taking a wheelie plane cabin-friendly bag or going with a traditional backpack, the contents of your travelling bag can be tricky to choose – so what do you bring? Here are some of our top recommendations.


A Camera

Preserving the memories of the people you meet and the places you go is perhaps the next best thing about travelling – apart from the experience itself, of course. Whether you’re going for a DSLR or a cheap disposable, taking photos is something you simply must do when you travel. If you do decide to take an expensive camera, make sure you have it ensured and keep it safe and secure at all times. Flaunting expensive kit without due precautions makes you a magnet for pickpockets.

A Notebook

You might not think it, but having a notebook (and something to write with, of course) can be great for those times where you have no internet connection, or want to record your thoughts, scrawlings and ramblings on the go. You could even get someone’s contacts on a night out that you otherwise may not remember (you can thank us later).


Comfortable and Practical Clothes

We all want to both look our best when we’re on holiday, but for a long trip inter-railing you’ll want comfort and practicality first over style – but that’s not to say you can’t achieve both. Layering is key as European weather is very varied so be prepared for all eventualities. Loose fitting, comfortable and stylish streetwear is perfect for travel; it looks the part and can be easily washed while on the go.


Let’s face it, roaming data charges can be rather pricey, and Wi-Fi is not always easy to come by when you’re on the road (or the rails). Phrasebooks might seem awfully cliché, but can prove invaluable in sticky situations where you don’t have the language skills to communicate effectively. Choose a phrasebook over a dictionary as they’re easier to navigate at speed, and help you get it right first time. They come with a whole host of other useful information like local customs, handy phrases and emergency protocols.

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to travelling, but as long as you’re kitted out with your passport, currency and tickets, you shouldn’t go far wrong with these items too. Do your research, stay safe and get insured. Be prepared and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.