When you organise your holiday plans, it’s rarely as straightforward as booking a package, or doing it all DIY, because there will also be other bits and bobs you need to add on. For instance, how you get to the airport and back again, your travel insurance policy, luggage – these are all things you need to think about, to go alongside your break, in order to form your own bespoke holiday checklist.


Airport parking and hotels

You can often get great bundle deals on parking and airport hotels, so certainly look into this. I am a big fan of spending the night at the airport prior to travelling, because I find it makes my travel day so much smoother, simply because I’m well-rested and not stressed out of my mind. I regularly use the Stansted Airport hotels, and can’t fault them for value, but you will also find a range of hotels available at most large UK airports.

Extra baggage

If you are at all concerned about being over your luggage allowance which you either arranged at the time of your booking, or which came with your package, then it’s always a better idea to add more luggage onto your booking at this stage, rather than paying on the day excess luggage fees at the airport. You can usually do this either through your travel agent, or by heading online to your airline’s website.


Airport lounges

If you are not a fan of the madness of the departure lounge, then booking a place in the private airport lounge is a good idea. Here you will usually get complimentary snacks and drinks, with a chilled out environment to enjoy your pre-flight time, without worrying about people running over your toes with cabin bags!

Airport transfers

If you booked a package holiday then this will probably already be sorted out for you, but if you booked a DIY break, then don’t forget that you need to get from your arrival airport, onwards to your resort! You can often book shuttle transfers which are quite cost effective, although can take time to arrive at your hotel, as you will be dropping everyone else off too, or you can share the cost of a private transfer, which gets you there quicker. The choice is yours.

These are just a few added extras you can book onto your travel plans to make the whole thing go smoother. Of course, don’t forget your insurance, this is the one thing that should have been drilled into your mind at the time of booking your holiday!

Extras are there to enhance your plans, so take advantage of them.