Do you like travelling? Do you have a job that allows you to work from any corner of the world? Are you a globetrotter, or aspiring to leave a boring 9-5 job and take the opportunity of a lifetime to change your life and experience the world? Then this article is for you. Let’s be honest – it is way easier for guys, they can get away with only a couple of shorts, shirts and jeans, whereas girls need to take casual clothes, and those suitable for a night out, and beach wear, as well as lounge wear and more. While packing for 6 months can be quite a challenge, if you follow some simple guidelines, the process will take less time and can turn into an enjoyable part of the trip.


Where do you start?

Start by researching the weather conditions in the places that you intend to visit. If possible, try to combine destinations that have more or less a similar climate, as this will limit the amount of clothes and shoes that you need to bring. If you are going to a destination with relatively warm weather, you need to think about packing summer/spring clothes, and grab a jacket and a pair of boots, just in case. Don’t forget to take into account the weather in your home country when you return, as you don’t want to be wearing a summer dress when it’s snowing outside the airport.

What are the essentials?

Never forget that there is a weight limit on your suitcase, although you want to show off your whole wardrobe on your vacation and take photos wearing multiple outfits, it is highly unlikely, unless you travel in business and first class, that this is possible. To be honest, it’s much wiser to spend the airfare money that you can save by travelling coach on experiencing new and wonderful activities during your travels.

If you are going to a summer place, take the following:
Bikini – usually 2-3, so they can have time to dry
Beachwear – usually 2-3, so you can vary them
Shorts – at least 2 pairs, try to take a pair of jean shorts as they can be worn with anything and anywhere, including zip-lining in the jungle and a night out dancing, if worn with a funky top.
T-shirts – take about 7, so you don’t have to worry about washing them every day. These should be casual, that you can wear anywhere any time of the day
Dressy tops – 2-3 to vary
Flip-flops – to wear to the beach and during the day
Heels or wedges – take a couple of pairs that you can wear during a night out or when going to a restaurant – flat sandals will also be a great choice, but wedges, which have been extremely popular for the last 5 years, can save you in any situation.
Espadrilles – these are perfect for casual outings, as well as hiking, walks in the jungle, day tours and when driving.
Summer dresses – these are never enough, so fill the space that you have with light romantic dresses that you can wear anywhere
A pair of jeans – just in case
Lounge wear
A beach bag
2 smaller bags that can be worn casually and on a night out
A light jacket and a pullover – this is for the nights when there is a breeze or when it rains
Sneakers and fitnesswear – don’t forget to workout during your travels, this will not only ensure your endurance for long days spent outside observing, walking and exploring, but also you will be guilt-free of trying different delicious desserts every evening.


If you are going to a cold place, take the following:
Coat – take a couple, so you can vary them (wear one while travelling to save space)
Jeans and pants which can be worn while exploring the city and landmarks
Shirts and pullovers, thick sweaters and warm turtlenecks
Lounge wear
Warm dresses – these can be worn anywhere
Scarves to brighten up your coats
Comfortable flat shoes
Pumps or heels for nights out
Beanie hat or a beret
A bag that can fit everything you may need during a day out
2 bags of different colour for various occasions


What else should you take?

Another important thing that will take up a lot of space in your suitcase are the bathroom amenities – being a girl, you absolutely need all of the things that you use in your daily beauty ritual, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. Here are some of the things that you really can’t live without:

Moisturiser, day cream or night cream – try to really choose what is your essential product
Body lotion
Hairbrush and hair accessories
Tooth paste and tooth brush
Make-up remover
Make-up (bare essentials that you know you will use)
Lip balm
Nail polish remover (try to buy the travel size one, which won’t take up a lot of space, but it will save you from running around trying to find one at the new place)
Basic medicine, bandaids and pills (for a headache, stomach ache, flu and insomnia)


Some optional things may be included, but you don’t have to necessarily pack them:
Shower gel (especially if you are renting an apartment and will not stay at a hotel)
Your sponge (including one for the face, as a change of the environment might upset your skin)
Your favourite towel (again, in case that you are renting a place, sometimes hosts forget to provide fresh towels)
Beach towel (although it might cost you less to purchase a new one when you arrive)
Nail polish and a manicure set

Most importantly, don’t forget your camera and your phone with chargers, so you can take pictures and capture the most exciting and fantastic moments of your trip. Whatever you pack, sometimes you will find that you didn’t need to bring all those things, and at other times you will wish that you would have brought something, but didn’t – either way, your life experiences will not be largely shaped by what you will wear or how you will look, but the attitude with which you embrace and observe the world around you. Whatever you don’t bring – you can always purchase, and always remember that whatever is in your suitcase – these are only ‘things’.