With everything going on this year, celebrations have taken a bit of a back burner to dealing with the pandemic and everything that’s come along with it. Many countries are beginning to lift restrictions and things are finding their new normal. If you have children in your home that have birthdays coming up, you might be trying to find creative ways to celebrate their birthday while social distancing. Here are my top tips to keep you and your family safe, without sacrificing any more special events:

1. Don’t Forget Party Invitations
There’s something so special about receiving party invitations to an event, it makes everything feel so much more special. I think more now than ever they’re an important part of a celebration. If your child is struggling with how their birthday wont be exactly as envisioned, creating the invite together is a fun activity that can help bring a little more magic back into their birthday celebrations. 

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2. Acknowledge It Might be Different to How You Planned
You may have to cut down your guest list to abide by local laws, or you might do it just to ensure a level of social distancing you’re comfortable with. You may have to change the party type from an activity you had planned, to a picnic style celebration where everyone can keep their distance. Your child’s friends who are high risk or have high risk family members might not be able to come. It’s different to a normal year, and it’s important to talk through these feelings with your child and to help them realise their feelings are valid.

3. Car Parade
If your child or someone in your household is considered high risk, so you’re unable to meet with others, then you’re going to have to get a little more creative. Why not set up a car parade to go past, people can decorate their cars, and leave gifts in your lawn. This is a great option as it’s something different so it has a bit of a novelty factor and a great way to get a few people involved. At the end of the day your family’s health is the most important thing, so this may be a great option if anyone in your home has any at risk conditions.

4. Get Them Involved
I feel like one of the best ways to help a child process a challenging situation is by getting them involved. Talk them through the current limitations and then ask for their ideas of what you can do instead of the previous plans. You may be surprised by how resilient children are, and also how well they can adapt when they understand why things can’t proceed as normal. Be creative with things you can do at home such as a scavenger hunt, or maybe even surprising them to a room filled with balloons when they wake up. The options are limitless! 

Just because you’re social distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t make your child’s birthday special. Hopefully these tips help you ensure they have a wonderful day.