The British Isles will always have a very special kind of charm to them. In between the image of drinking a cup of tea and the image of the soccer fans, people tend to think in terms of stereotypes when it comes to everything British. And when they think of dream vacations, they rarely think of England (and if they do, they don’t necessarily think of the places that are beyond London).

And yet, there is so much natural beauty in the United Kingdom that it is impossible to ignore it. Cornwall is one of those places. You know, those places that are just so overwhelmingly comforting that you don’t want to leave them and go back home. It is a wonderful destination for both international visitors, or those who live in England but want an escape. There are dog friendly holiday cottages in Cornwall making it a great destination if you want to go with your family pet.

What does Cornwall offer that is unmissable? Read on and find out about the best attractions in Cornwall.


The Tintagel Castle
There’s nothing but ruins there, indeed. But for those of you who like this kind of vestiges, it will be something you will definitely not want to miss out on. The Tintagel Castle is located on the Tintagel Island, which is itself adjacent to the Cornwall village with the same name. The haunting beauty of a fortification that once stood up will delight visitors of all ages.

The Carnglaze Caverns
Although it may appear to be so at first, this is not a fully natural attraction. In fact, it is man-made and it is what has been left behind after slate quarries were built in the area. Nevertheless, it is extremely beautiful and if you get the chance to attend a concert while there, then you are set up for an amazing experience. They organize concerts in the caverns from time to time, so do make sure to inform yourself beforehand if you want to make sure that you catch one while there.


Kynance Cove
If you want to relax and to feel as if you would be on one of those exotic islands, then this is the place you should go to when in Cornwall. This little cove features blue seas, stunning skies and a general atmosphere of relaxation and smooth passing of time. In other words, you’ll love it!

If you want to see how a real Tudor house looks like, then do visit this spot. The house is still in very good standing, even if it was built more than 700 years ago. A beautiful piece of history right under your nose!


The Minack Theatre
If you want to enjoy something really special, then do visit this open-air theater is really nice from at least two points of view. For starters, it has a very special atmosphere to it and the fact that it is in open air helps a lot, as well as the fact that its architecture is absolutely wonderful. Secondly, the performances held here are very diverse and they come from multiple theaters from all over the United Kingdom.